But I Don’t Want To Show Readers An Annoying Pop Up!

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But I Don't Want To Show Readers An Annoying Pop Up! - Beyond Your Blog

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People often ask me how to get more subscribers and readers on personal blogs or collaborative sites they’ve started. As soon as I tell them I was able to make a major impact to growth for Beyond your Blog with SumoMe, I either hear:

“Me too!” and “Oh my gosh I LOVE SumoMe!”


“But I hate pop ups!” and “I don’t want to annoy my readers!”

I used to feel the same way.

But I Don't Want To Show Readers An Annoying Pop Up! - Beyond Your Blog Tools - SumoMe

I used to worry that subscription pop ups would annoy my readers @SumoMe Click To Tweet

I was never going to have an intrusive pop up nagging my readers to subscribe.

How pushy!

How presumptuous!

Then I realized a few things:

  1. I have content on my site that many readers find extremely valuable.
  2. I have engaged readers who want more.
  3. I have busy readers, who may love something they read, but like me, don’t have time to hunt around my site and subscribe while they are there.
  4. Many readers might never read another thing I write if I don’t make a lasting connection.
  5. When I find a site I love, I get irritated when I have to search to subscribe, and I wish they would just read my mind and prompt me with a pop up.

Once I realized that SumoMe was a great way to offer more value to my readers, and that I did in fact have lots to offer my readers, I fell in love with their tools and have not looked back.

Let me lay it out for you:

Yesterday about 6% of the visitors who saw the pop up on my site subscribed to my newsletter. I have it set up to only appear after a reader has spent a certain amount of time on the site because I like to be sure that those seeing it have seen a little of what the site has to offer before I ask them to subscribe. In my case, that equated to 18 new subscribers yesterday, and hundreds of new subscribers each month. These are all subscribers I can reach out to via email with new product and service offerings. I much prefer this to crossing my fingers and hoping Facebook shows my post or ad promoting the same things.

Depending on your traffic, that might seem high or low to you, but compared to the 0-3 new subscribers I used to get before adding free tools from SumoMe, I think it’s awesome! So awesome in fact, that I have added SumoMe to the very short list of products and services I personally love, and am excited to share it with my readers as an affiliate.

If you are stats person like me, here are a few more from my personal experience:

55% of the time when someone clicks on one of my Lead buttons (another neat feature SumoMe offers where you can set up a button with a specific call to action on specific pages) they convert. In my case this means subscribing to my newsletter. I actually didn’t realize how awesome these buttons were working until I referred to my stats for this post, but I’ll definitely be looking to see how else I can use them now!

My smart bar (that one across the top of my screen) was set up to drive newsletter subscribers (until recently when I changed it to promote SumoMe!), and just looking at the first 3 weeks of this month, it brought in an additional 100 subscribers.

So basically in the last 30 days 484 people subscribed to Beyond Your Blog through the FREE SumoMe tools I use on my site. And you DON’T have to be huge. My site isn’t, but with momentum from SumoMe I continue to grow more than I ever thought I could.  I am blown away every time I get a stats update.

Maybe you are skeptical and want to try a pop up, smart bar, welcome mat page, scroll box or one of the many other flavors of tools offered by SumoMe to grow your traffic. That’s how I started. I had an ‘I’ll try this and see, but I’ll probably take it down’ attitude. Well it is now a year and a half later and I haven’t taken it down because IT WORKS.

And don’t worry that you will be confused. They send the most practical and informative emails periodically with tips for how to tweak and utilize what they offer. I’ll also add that my husband does almost everything technical for my blog, but I manage SumoMe myself, which makes me feel pretty smart!

If you are looking to gain subscribers and/or market your products and services, definitely check out SumoMe’s free tools on my partner page (affiliate link).

Questions? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to share my personal experience.

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