4 Tips For Talking About Money With Clients

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4 Tips For Talking About Money With Clients

As freelancers, we’ve ventured off on our own to take charge of our careers and have greater control over our earning power. While most of us have the “take charge” part down, it seems the topic of money is an ever-constant source of frustration and uncertainty, especially for those just starting out in the world of freelancing. I’m going to bring up that awkward topic, and bask in the uncomfortableness with you, sharing why talking about money will ensure that you make more money. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT I have two friends who work for small businesses, both of whom have … Read More

Want to Redesign Your Blog? Start with a Brand Brief.

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When you grow up with siblings, every adult conversation takes place in shorthand developed over decades of shared experience. You can says things like “there’s a moose on the table,” even when there isn’t, because your siblings will know there used to be a moose, and that your mom threw it on the table when there was a problem that no one was talking about, and that even though the common euphemism is “there’s an elephant in the room,” your mom likes moose, so in your family it’s a moose, and that it doesn’t really matter what animal it is because it’s … Read More

Editor Q&A with Danielle McNally of Marie Claire

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Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner MarieClaire.com Features Editor, Danielle McNally. Q: Marie Claire magazine is such a well-known publication among women. Tell us about the digital platform you work for, MarieClaire.com. A: Our website serves as a compliment to the print magazine, but also as its own distinct media destination. We are so much more than a website: MarieClaire.com editors produce original content, including breaking news reporting and longform features, shape the brand’s presence on social media, and are responsible for producing original video, both short-form and mini-documentaries. Through it all, though, we stay true to the Marie Claire ethos, … Read More

Editor Q&A with Beth Dreher of Woman’s Day

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Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner Woman’s Day Features Editor, Beth Dreher. Q: Woman’s Day is a publication most of us are very familiar with. Can you bring us up to speed on your readers and the types of content you publish for anyone who may not have read a recent issue? A: Woman’s Day reaches 20 million readers per month with a mix of lifestyle content, including food, health, home organizing/decorating, money, and fashion/beauty. We also tell stories by and about inspiring women, which makes up the bulk of my job. Q: As Features Editor, what does a typical day … Read More

Editor Q&A with Julia Westbrook of EatingWell

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Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner EatingWell Media Group Associate Nutrition Editor, Julia Westbrook. Q: EatingWell is a national bi-monthly publication focused on healthful eating. Tell us about the types of articles you publish. A: Our magazine is divided into several sections: FRESH is our front-of-book section. Here we cover short, news-y or timely studies on a wide range of topics. The buckets for FRESH are food, life, thinking, health, fix, (sometimes travel) and ink. On the food page we celebrate food. Could be a restaurant, a farm find, a seasonal food, or something trendy in food/drink. On the lifestyle page, we … Read More

When Someone Seemingly Steals Your Idea

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When the article appeared on my newsfeed I laughed and clicked on it right away. It was almost the exact same article I had written months before. I told myself not to worry about it. In the world of mommy blogging it’s quite common to see the same ideas, themes, and topics repeated so I wasn’t completely surprised. When the idea for my article popped in my head several months before I thought I finally found a topic that nobody had covered in the same way. I even googled my idea to make sure there were no other similar articles … Read More

Editor Q&A with Megan Griffo of The Mighty

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Editor Q&A with Megan Griffo of The Mighty

Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner TheMighty.com Editor-in-Chief, Megan Griffo. Q:  Tell us in your words what The Mighty is and who its for. A: The Mighty is a platform for people to share real stories of health — both challenges and triumph. Right now we have more than 8,000 contributors sharing stories about their disabilities, chronic illnesses, rare diseases, mental illnesses and more. It’s a community built on trust, connection, and resilience. Really, it’s for everyone — we all have a body, and even if at the moment we’re relatively healthy, we all have loved ones going through a health … Read More

Editor Q&A with Richard Eisenberg of Next Avenue

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Editor Q&A Richard Eisenberg of Next Avenue

Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner Next Avenue Managing Editor and Senior Web Editor (Money & Security and Work & Purpose Channels), Richard Eisenberg.  Q: Next Avenue is a publication aimed at those in the 50+ demographic. Tell us more about the publication and what you publish. A: We are a public media site out of the PBS station in Minneapolis/St. Paul, TPT, and publish articles daily for our five channels: Money & Security (personal finance); Work & Purpose; Health and Well-Being; Caregiving and Living & Learning (lifestyle). Our money and work stories are generally republished on Forbes and sometimes on Marketwatch and … Read More

Editor Q&A with Sara Goldstein of Parent.co

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Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner Parent.co Content Director, Sara Goldstein. Q: Many of my readers are familiar with Parent.co and have even written for you before. For those who are discovering Parent.co for the first time, tell us about the site and the type of content you publish. A: Parent.co is a digital publication for people who are as curious about the world as they are committed to raising great kids. Through personal narrative and expert advice, we hope to provide our readers with the inspiration and information to know better and do better every day. We understand that although … Read More

Find Your Writing Tribe in a New City – 7 Strategies

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Find Your Writing Tribe in a New City -7 Strategies

When you make your living as a freelance writer, it’s important to know where you can find fellow writers in your community. Whether you want to network with like-minded individuals or enjoy brainstorming and sharing ideas with others who know your craft, finding a local writing tribe can be instrumental in professional success. I’ve been making a living as a freelance writer for more than seven years. And while many of the publications I’ve written for are national, a fair amount of my clients and steady writing work stemmed from the city in which I resided. When I moved from … Read More