Beyond Your Blog’s Top 10 Most Popular Interviews With Editors

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Beyond Your Blog's Top 10 Most Popular Interviews With Editors

Last May we published a piece sharing our top 10 most popular interviews with editors. A year later we are now updating the list, as some new interviews have joined the ranks.

If you have just stumbled on our site and are wondering where to get started, check out these 10 most listened to podcast interviews with editors. In each episode, my guest shares how to submit to their publication, what types of content they are looking for, payment info, response times, plans for the future, and more!

If you are a loyal listener, leave a comment and let us know if your favorite episode is in this list.

Let’s start the countdown with our 10th most listened to podcast interview of all time:

Beyond Your Blog's Top 10 Most Popular Interviews With Editors

#10 Washington Post Talent Network With Eva Rodriguez

A new addition to our top ten since last year, this popular episode has jumped into the top ten after only being published for a little over 2 months (while some others on this list have been available to rack up listens for over a year). I expect that this episode will be among our top episodes when we rank again next year. The Washington Post Talent Network is the system used by The Post to vet new writers, review pitches/stories, and communicate through the entire submission and publication process. The Editor heading up the Talent Network, Eva Rodriguez, joined us to share how it works, and how you can start writing for The Washington Post via the Talent Network.

The Washington Post Talent Network - Everything Bloggers Need To Know - With Editor, Eva Rodriguez - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 78

#9 Mamalode With Elke Govertsen

One of the earliest podcasts released on this list, my interview with Mamalode‘s Elke Govertsen is a listener favorite. If you are interested in learning more about submitting to Mamalode, looking for tips to get your writing featured, in search of a parenting magazine that approaches parenting from a meaningful place, or thinking of starting your own magazine (online or print), this interview will have something for you. Elke is a passionate and motivating speaker!

#8 Kveller With Molly Tolsky

A new edition to our top ten, Kveller was a summer-released episode, which can be a slower season for the podcast, but this episode has been popular throughout the year. Kveller is a site for those who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting, and Editor Molly Tolsky tells us exactly what they are looking for in the submissions department!

#7 BLUNTmoms With Magnolia Ripkin

This episode is always a fan favorite and made the list last year as well. Editor-in-Chief Magnolia Ripkin gives us the straight scoop on what it takes to get published on BLUNTmoms.  We also discuss about what it means to become one of their cadre writers and how you can make your way into the tight-knit community of writers (Hint: it’s not by being timid).  If you want to express your rowdy, raw and feminine side in the context of being a mom, listen to this podcast and then go sharpen your pencil!

#6 Hearst Digital’s The Mix With Mike Barish

This podcast is a brand new addition to my top ten this year and they jumped right into the list at #6! I had a great discussion with Director of Contributor Recruitment Mike Barish, where he answers all of your questions about getting published on Hearst Digital’s 18 different websites. Whether you have aspirations of being published on the websites for Redbook, Elle, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan or the other 12 magazine sites served by The Mix, this interview will have you taking notes and hopefully applying to their network. You may then find yourself refreshing your email repeatedly to see if you get an acceptance so you can start pitching their daily assignment prompts…but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I ask Mike all the questions that I’ve been hearing from listeners about this coveted network, and he delivers everything you need to know!

#5 Scary Mommy With Jill Smokler

Making its second appearance on the top ten episodes list, my interview with Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy comes in at #5. This episode was only my 8th podcast interview, making it the oldest on this list. Since publication, Scary Mommy was sold and lots of new voices have been published, but the majority of what Jill talks about in terms of submissions still applies. In this episode, Jill addresses many of your questions about getting your writing onto Scary Mommy.  Listen to learn all sorts of great tips and info about Scary Mommy — even a few things that bloggers who have been featured on Scary Mommy before may not know.

#4 Do You Ever Think About Quitting Your Blog? With Crystal Paine of Money Saving MomDo You Ever Think About Quitting Your Blog

This is another brand new addition to the top 10. While we talk less about submissions (though we do cover submitting to her site), the focus is on blogger burn out and when you feel like quitting your blog. At the time of this podcast, I had heard from so many bloggers about how blogging was overwhelming or disappointing them in some way and they felt like quitting. I was having days I felt like throwing in the bloggy towel myself. Founder of the immensely successful site Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine, joined me to talk about this topic and how closely she can relate. Her thoughts on the topic and her own struggles will definitely resonate and inspire if thoughts of quitting blogging have ever crossed your mind.

#3 Washington Post On Parenting With Amy Joyce

Listeners go crazy for The Washington Post as you can see since they show up twice on this list. Another new arrival to this annual top ten list, keep in mind when you listen to this, that it was published just before The Washington Post launched its Talent Network. Currently most submissions to On Parenting are routed through the network, but details on what she is looking for still apply. If you write thoughtful essays about parenting then you need to add Washington Post’s On Parenting to your list of sites to submit your writing to. Washington Post veteran writer and editor, Amy Joyce, joined me to discuss what she is looking for in a successful submission. From examples of great articles that showcase the type of writing she loves, to payment details, this interview will fill in any blanks you might have about submitting to On Parenting.

#2 Huffington Post Parents With Emma Mustich

This podcast held onto the #2 spot in this annual list for the second year in a row. Readers and listeners love to learn about The Huffington Post and though Emma has moved to a different position at HuffPost, much of the information in this podcast still holds true. The number one question I get from Beyond Your Blog readers is “How can I get on The Huffington Post?”.  While I’ve published posts with tips from other bloggers who have had success, and shared suggestions from around the web for how to get on their radar, this episode goes straight to the source!  Listen to hear my chat with Emma Mustich, Senior Editor with HuffPost Parents (at the time of the recording), and get her answers to all your burning HuffPost questions!

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#1 New York Times Motherlode With KJ Dell’Antonia

Holding onto the number one spot for the second year in a row, is my interview with New York Times Motherlode Editor, KJ Dell’Antonia. Writers with New York Times on their bucket list are focused and want to learn everything they can about how to make it into the publication, making this our most popular episode to date. When listening to this episode, you should note that in early 2016, the team from the former Motherlode moved to the Well Family section of the New York Times. Well Family includes “expanded coverage of parenting, childhood health and relationships to help every family live well.’ As of March 2016 – KJ Dell’Antonia is still reading submissions, though their publications slots are full for some time out, so it is very competitive. That said, they ARE still working with freelancers and accepting essays (800 words give or take). Well Family has recently been added to my podcast guest bucket list, so stay tuned! Also looking for a new podcast for your rotation? KJ recently launched her own podcast #AmWriting that you can check out on iTunes!

If you are a loyal listener to the Beyond Your Blog podcast, leave a comment and let us know if your favorite episode is in this list.

Beyond Your Blog's Top 10 Most Popular Interviews With Editors

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