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Each Month Beyond Your Blog asks members of our Facebook group to post their best work that has been featured outside of their personal blog. A guest editor selects five favorites (in the areas of humor, non-humor, how-to/informational, reported stories & essays and editor’s choice) to be featured on this page and we also promote them in our newsletter and on social media.

Scroll through and enjoy some of the best writing from bloggers showcased around the web!

Beyond Your Blog Hall Of Fame - Showcasing our favorite writing from our readers who have been published beyond their blogs


April 2016

Special thanks this month to guest editor Kimberly Starr. Kimberly Starr is an award winning writer, ginger, mom, and recovering chocolate addict living in Utah. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, the International Blogger’s Association, and Kim works as a copywriter and editor at Protean Writer, where she manages a team of writers. She is also the Director of Marketing for the International Bloggers Association. Kim is also the designer of a niche product for women on the go, moms, and moms-to-be: performance grade compression socks that are actually cute. Cute Compression Socks can help prevent tired, painful legs; swollen feet or legs; varicose veins; and more. Details, designs, and deals are available at Cute Compression Socks. You can find Kim on her blog, Protean Mom.

HUMOR: My Strange New Habits – It’s All About My Bones from Roz Warren of Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection Of Library Humor (ZestNow)

NON-HUMOR: A Choice of Wood from Whitney Fleming of Playdates On Fridays (The Manifest-Station)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: How our Friday night pizza night helps us connect with our growing kids from Kathryn Streeter of (Washington Post – On Parenting)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: Medication Saved My Son’s Life from Melissa Morritt Coble of An Unfit Parent (BLUNTmoms)

EDITOR’S CHOICE:  Learning Life Skills With Knife Skills from 


March 2016

Beyond Your Blog founder Susan Maccarelli made selections for the month of March 2016. Susan is the creator of Beyond Your Blog, a resource site that focuses on helping bloggers and writers successfully submit their writing to websites and anthologies. Susan’s weekly podcast interview guests to date include editors from Washington Post, Hearst Digital’s The Mix, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Brain, Child, Chicken Soup For The Soul, and many more. A guest instructor for The HerStories Project’s “Publish Your Personal Essay Writing Bootcamp”, Susan also offers consulting services related to writing submission strategy. She authors a humor blog, Pecked To Death By Chickens, and feeds her attention-seeking behavior by having her submissions featured on such sites as The Huffington Post, In The Powder Room, Scary Mommy, Mamalode and many others. Susan has also been published as a contributor in several anthologies, including I Still Just Want to Pee Alone, and has spoken at conferences and events including BlogHer ’15, International Bloggers Association, BlogU 2016, and BAM conferences.

HUMOR: How to Out-Crazy a Middle School Bully from Andrea Mulder-Slater of No, Really (BLUNTMoms)

NON-HUMOR: I Lost My Mom at Age 6—And Her Name Was Removed From My Birth Certificate from Lacey Johnson of The Daily Doll (Woman’s Day)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO:6 Things You May Not Know About Moms of Kids With Congenital Heart Defects from Mia Carella (The Mighty)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: The Evolution of Pee-Wee Herman from Laurie Ulster, Freelancer (BIO)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: My Mother’s Presence from Karen Johnson of The 21st Century SAHM (Her View From Home)


February 2016

Special thanks this month to guest editor Norine Dworkin-McDaniel. Norine worked in newspapers and magazines for more than 25 years as a senior staff editor and full-time freelance writer. Her articles and essays have been published in a broad range of print and online publications, including Marie Claire, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Fitness, Parents, Food & Wine, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Shape, Health, Readers Digest, Forbes FYI, and Dr. Oz’s Good Life, along with American Baby and More magazines where she was a contributing writer for many years. In 2013, Norine created the illustrated humor blog Science of Parenthood with Jessica Ziegler, named one of’s “blogs every parent should read.” Together they’ve published three books, including The Big Book of Parenting Tweets and The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets. Their latest book is Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific Explanations for Utterly Baffling Parenting Situations, was published by She Writes Press in November 2015. Connect on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

HUMOR: Self-Portrait with Root Rescue™ from Erika Dreifus of Erika (Silver Birch Press)

NON-HUMOR: After My Miscarriage, I Was Still Pregnant from Caryn Berardi of journey to napa (Modern Loss)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: Hard Goodbyes: Books to Help Children Grieve the Death of a Pet from Sharon Holbrook of (Brightly)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: A Letter To My Longtime And Faraway Friends from Christine Organ of Christine (Scary Mommy)


January 2016

Special thanks this month to guest editor Diane Owens. Diane publishes her blog – Thoughts, Tips and Tales, where posts focus on a variety of fitness activities, how to save money, cruising solo, embarrassing moments, life lessons, thrift store treasures, fun fundraising ideas, bad date stories and more. She created and manages the internal communications blog at a large, worldwide company. This woman loves to blog! She manages the blog at work 40 hours a week and serves as the newsletter editor as well. She then comes home and reads blogs and writes blog posts in her spare time. Diane is the co-author of an out-of-print book called Kids on the Go: Great Places to Take Kids in the Charleston Area, which sold 5,000 copies to local moms and visitors in the Charleston, S.C., area. After hosting her son’s wedding, Diane wrote a book called Budget Wedding Secrets: How to Have a $30,000 Wedding for Less Than $10,000. Connect with Diane on EmailTwitter, and Pinterest.

HUMOR: Babypod from Megan Woolsey of The Hip Mothership (In The Powder Room)

NON-HUMOR: Sharing Photographs of Our Grandmommy from Jennifer Palmer of Choosing This Moment (Brain, Child)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: 7 Tips For Coping With Stressful Events When You’re Bipolar from Melanie McKinnon of Melanie Meditates (bp Magazine)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: A Tale of Two Births from Mary Widdicks of Outmanned (Brain, Child)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Mother of All Loves from Allison Slater Tate of (Princeton Alumni Weekly)


December 2015

Special thanks this month to guest editor Rona Simmons. Rona Simmons Writer and Author sponsors the Virtual Village Book Festival from her Facebook page. Through this free online chat format, she invites readers and writers and anyone who loves books to interact with a different author each month. Attendees can post questions to the featured author at any time during the two day event and then sit back and enjoy the back and forth. To attend a future event or to be considered as a featured author in the future, contact: rona_simmons[at]bellsouth[dot]net. Rona has acted as ghostwriter for the biography of a prominent Atlanta businessman and written magazine articles, a collection of short stories, and two novels: The Quiet Room and Postcards from Wonderland, published by Deeds Publishing of Athens, Georgia. For her next novel, a work in progress, she’s picked a topic ripped from today’s headlines and set in the present day South. Rona also “slow blogs” about women in the creative arts at Women @ Word. Connect on: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

HUMOR: Cleaning Your House For The Holidays In 50 Steps from Leslie Gaar of Pails and Fires (Babble)

NON-HUMOR: Contrast Study from Leslie Kendall Dye of (Vela)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: 13 Things I Learned From Facebook In 3 Months from Dani Fleischer of Sum Of My Pieces (BlogHer)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: The Life & Legacy Of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ from Laurie Ulster (

EDITOR’S CHOICE: It Happened To Me: David Sedaris Made Me Feel Sexy Again from Alison Cupp Relyea of alicupp (xoJane)


November 2015

Special thanks this month to guest editor Jill Robbins. Jill is an award winning writer, mom and wine snob living in San Antonio. She’s a regular contributor to Babble, The Washington Post, She Knows, and other places around the internet. She has a degree in social psychology that she uses to try and make sense out of the behavior of her husband and three children but it hasn’t really helped so far. She enjoys dry humor and has a love/hate relationship with running. Jill is a published author with essays appearing in three parenting anthologies and two print magazines, including Martinis and Motherhood, Tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF and Mothering Through the Darkness. She’s also the producer of the San Antonio LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Show. Jill offers editing and blog coaching services, and can find her on her blog, Ripped Jeans & Bifocals.

HUMOR: 7 Reasons To Hate Holidays Away From Home from Charlotte McMullen of Ruckus Girl (In The Powder Room)

NON-HUMOR: To The Ones I Miscarried from Kelly Arnell of Why Did We Have To Have All These Kids Anyway (Mamalode)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: What It’s Like to Have a Matchmaker Find You a Husband When You’re 19 from Rebecca Beck of Orthodox Sunflower (Yahoo! Style)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: This Year, Hanukkah Is Going to Be Different from Nina Badzin of (Kveller)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Getting Boudoir Photos Taken Was The Best Gift I’ve Given Myself from Scarlett Ballantyne of (Scary Mommy – Club Mid)


October 2015

Special thanks this month to Guest Editors Shannon Day and Tara Wilson. Shannon and Tara are the co-editors of the hilarious book Martinis and Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?: Stories that inspire, entertain, and make you laugh ’til you pee. Shannon can be found cocktail-shaking and story-making on Shannon Day’s Martinis and Motherhood. There she ponders the meaning of life, while poking fun at her hot British hubby. Shannon is also co-founder of Tipsy Squirrel Press along with Tara Wilson. Tara writes about raising kids with autism and ADHD on her blog Don’t Lick the Deck, with a perspective of humor and imperfect mothering. Their selections were:

HUMOR: Definitive Proof* That Formula Is Poison from Samantha Wassel of Between The Monkey Bars (In The Powder Room)

NON-HUMOR: The Things We Keep from Sharon Holbrook of (Brain, Child)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: The Last Word: Dealing with grief during holiday season from Cheryl Scott of FlutteringBy (

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: What a selfie taught me about culture, freedom and confidence from Rudri Patel of Being Rudri (Washington Post On Parenting)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Head Over Heels: Some Notes on Plummeting Out of Love from Dani Fleischer of Sum Of My Pieces (New York Spirit)


September 2015

Special thanks this month to Guest Editor Kristin Shaw. Kristin is a freelance writer, wife, and mother based in Austin, Texas. Kristin hung up her corporate heels and frequent traveler card at the end of 2013 to work for herself, and since then, her work has been published at several national sites, including Brain, Child; Scary Mommy; In The Powder Room; The Huffington Post; BonBon Break; and The Washington Post. She is the co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother show in Austin, and the director of social media and staff writer for Airport Improvement magazine. She actively supports survivors of rape and domestic violence, and was named a BlogHer Voice of the Year in 2014 and 2015. Kristin’s personal blog is Two Cannoli, and Kristin will soon be launching a freelance site where you can check out her copy editing and content editing services for bloggers. Kristin’s selections were:

HUMOR: My Marriage Survived The KonMari Method Of Tidying from Kathryn Leehane of Foxy Wine Pocket (Club Mid on Scary Mommy)

NON-HUMOR: Forgiveness: My Sons’ Painful Journey to Freedom from Mary McLaurine of The Heart of Sassy Lassie (The Good Men Project)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: How To Handle Your Best Friend Moving Away Like A Grown-Up from Natalie Guenther of It’s Really 10 Months (Club Mid on Scary Mommy)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: The Alcohol Solution for Mothers of Autistic Children from Jackie Olson of Peace, Autism and Love (the fix)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Sad Stranger Who Illuminated Our Starlight Train from Angela Uherbelau (Narratively)


August 2015

Special thanks this month to Guest Editor Alison Lee. Recently, Alison partnered with Megan Traub Woolsey, a fellow multiples mom, to publish an anthology by and for parents of multiples, Multiples Illuminated: An Anthology of Stories and Advice from Parents of Twins, Triplets or More, coming out in Spring 2016. Alison is a former blogger (Writing, Wishing), and her writing has been featured on Mamalode, On Parenting at The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Everyday Family, Scary Mommy, and She is one of 35 essayists in the anthology, My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends. In 2012, she founded Little Love Media, a social media consultancy specializing in blog book tours, and because she doesn’t sleep, is the Submissions Editor at BonBon Break! Alisons’s selections were:

HUMOR: Children Removed From Home Where Mother Eats Bonbons And Watches Daytime Soaps from Jennifer Oradat of Mom Babble (MockMom)

NON-HUMOR: To the Teenage Girls at the Swimming Pool from Christine Organ of (The Huffington Post)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: College Supplies You May Not Have Considered from J.D. Rothman of The Neurotic Parent (Midlife Boulevard)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: What I want you to know about being an immigrant from Bronwyn Lea of (Rage Against The Minivan)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Never Give Up from Leslie Kendall Dye of (Word Riot)


JULY 2015

Special thanks this month to Guest Editor Estelle Erasmus, an award-winning journalist and former magazine editor-in-chief of five publications including Hachette’s Body by Jake, The American Breast Cancer Guide, and W.I.T Women in Touch. Estelle’s resume also includes top editor positions at American Woman and a beauty editor at Woman’s World magazine. She has been published in hundreds of publications, and writes about parenting, travel, publishing, beauty, fashion, and her transformative journey raising a young daughter in midlife on her blog Musings on Motherhood & Midlife . Estelle is co-author of Beautiful Skin : Every Woman’s Guide To Looking Her Best At Any Age (Adams Media), contributor to six anthologies, and three time BlogHer Voice of the Year. Estelle has spoken about publishing at BlogHer15, BlogU15, B.I.G., iRetreat14, ASJA and the Folio Conference. For more information about Estelle’s high-level editing and ghostwriting services, click here. Estelle’s selections were:

HUMOR: Registering for Public School in 78 Easy Steps from Ashford Evans of Biscuits & Crazy (Mom Babble)

NON-HUMOR: The First Folly Wave from Rachel Bledsoe of The Misfits Of A Mountain Mama (Mamalode)

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: Practicing Kindness: What Are You Scared Of? from Marie Hickman of Valpak Blog (Medium)

REPORTED STORY or ESSAY: Death on the ice: the last expedition of Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo from Ruth Dawkins of Dorky Mum (The Guardian)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Lessons I Learned While Parenting Through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Jennifer Bly of The Deliberate Mom (xoJane)


JUNE 2015

Special thanks this month to Guest Editor Sarah Cottrell, who offers a range of writing services from editing to coaching on Housewife Plus. Based in Maine, Sarah is also a freelance writer and regular contributor to Scary Mommy,  and co-author in several books including I Still Just Want To Pee Alone from the New York Times Bestselling series. Sarah’s selections were:

Stop With The Lame-Ass Gender Reveal Parties – Try These Instead! from Stephanie D. Lewis of Once Upon Your Prime (BLUNTmoms)

How I Lost My Mind And Found It Again On A Mountaintop from Alyson Herzig of The Shitastrophy (The Mid)

The Hunger Games: Menopause Edition from Marcia Kester Doyle of Menopausal Mother (Midlife Boulevard)

How To Share Your Story Through Blogging from Brie Latini of {…a breezy life} (The SITS Girls)


MAY 2015

Special Thanks this month to Guest Editors Mary Katherine Backstrom and Jennifer Oradat of Mom Babble. Find out more about submitting your work to Mom Babble and be sure to subscribe to their site! Mary Katherine and Jennifer’s selections were:

As Our Daughter Begins Her Next Chapter, So Do We from Lynn Cobb of (BlogHer)

What It Means To Win from Linda Wolff of Carpool Goddess (Mamalode)

13 Reasons Moms Never Get Haircuts from Elizabeth Thompson of Lizzy Life (BonBon Break)

The Day My Daughter Nearly Drowned Surrounded by Adults from Megan Woolsey of The Hip Mothership (Scary Mommy)


APRIL 2015

The Massage from Shannon Day of Martinis and Motherhood (BLUNTMoms)

‘Don’t Say, “I Promise” ’; A Foster Child Joins a Family from Meghan Moravcik Walbert of Phase Three Of Life (New York Times Motherlode)

Important Facts About Colorectal Cancer You Need to Know from Elizabeth Manneh of Fabulous Families (Love Live Health)

Do I Still Miss My Mother – Lessons Learned from a Mother Who Died Too Young from Ali Wilkinson of Run. Knit. Love. (Today – Parenting)


MARCH 2015

The Most Insane List of Care Instructions Ever Left from Susanne Kerns of The Dusty Parachute (Scary Mommy)

 How To Be A Good Parent Through Dedicated “Lazy Parenting” from Ashley Trexler of Lies About Parenting (A Fine Parent)

A Love Letter To My Mother from Jessica Burdg of (BonBon Break)

Why I can’t return the sour milk from Jocelyn Pihlaja of O Mighty Crisis (Erma Bombeck)



What To Do If You Think Your Teen is Drinking or Using from Kimberly Muench of My Mothers Footprints (Ten To Twenty Parenting)

My Right To Be A Mother from Lauren Stevens of Lo-Wren (Honest Mom)

Lessons I Learned From Playing Clue from Stephanie D. Lewis of Once Upon Your Prime (Erma Bombeck)

Dear Other Woman…Thank You from Kristin Shaw of Two Cannoli (BonBon Break)



12 Reasons Why I Didn’t Shower Today from Kathryn Leehane of Foxy Wine Pocket (Scary Mommy)

Are You Raising Compassionate Boys? from Jenny Kanevsky of (The Good Men Project)

10 Simple Ways To Stay Organized At Home from Megan Woolsey of The Hip Mothership (BonBon Break)

I’m Glad Someone Told Me from Stephanie Sprenger of Mommy, For Real (HuffPost Parents)

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