Vicki Doronina

Vicki Doronina is a biologist and a freelance copywriter. She was born in Belarus and lived through the downfall of Soviet Union. Using her free socialist education and capitalist charity for yet more education, she became a scientist. Now she works as a Technical Officer at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and in a family unit of husband and teenage son. Her writing appeared in Science (Careers), The Scientist, Her View From Home, Soapbox Writers and biotech blogs as well as in Russian and Belarusian media outlets.

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5 Tips For Avoiding Corporate Blogging Hell

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Many become a freelancer to escape corporate bull: incessant meetings with no real purpose, a lot of  ‘pretend work’ with no real value, strict hierarchy.  But sometimes you can combine uncertainties of freelance lifestyle with the worst of corporate hell. I’d like to tell you my story – with tips on how to avoid my mistakes. When I just started blogging, I found a client online.  It was a marketing company, which hires freelance writers on a case-by-case basis.  I worked with one friendly editor, let’s call him Mark, and liked the experience – the topic was fun, the deadline … Read More