Tina Marie Ernspiker

Tina currently lives abroad in Mexico with her husband and four children. They are active in homeschooling, traveling, and their Bible ministry. Tina loves writing and photography, thus she blogs at gringoslocos6.com.

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Guest Posting: Tips FOR Newbies FROM A Newbie

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Tina Marie Ernspiker is a self-proclaimed blogging newbie, who has been blogging since October 2013, and who just recently got serious about promoting her blog, Los Gringos Locos.  Tina proactively found a blog that accepted her first guest post, and is sharing her story via 4 tips that are helping to build her future guest posting strategy. TIP #1  Write an honest post and give it everything you’ve got! Put your heart on the line. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I submitted my first guest post to Nanahood, six weeks ago and was really happy with how it was … Read More