Stephanie Loomis Pappas

Stephanie Loomis Pappas is a professor turned stay-at-home parent committed to debunking all of the bad parenting advice on the internet. She started snackdinner to remind Googling parents that whatever they're doing, they're doing just fine.

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Want to Redesign Your Blog? Start with a Brand Brief.

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When you grow up with siblings, every adult conversation takes place in shorthand developed over decades of shared experience. You can says things like “there’s a moose on the table,” even when there isn’t, because your siblings will know thereĀ usedĀ to be a moose, and that your mom threw it on the table when there was a problem that no one was talking about, and that even though the common euphemism is “there’s an elephant in the room,” your mom likes moose, so in your family it’s a moose, and that it doesn’t really matter what animal it is because it’s … Read More

Stop Vagueblogging with These 10 Simple Tips

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Do you have a social media friend who is always writing about the horrors of her life without actually telling you what those horrors are? I don’t know if I can make it through the night. Nothing has ever hurt so bad. Finding out who my true friends are… The phenomenon is so widespread that it now has a name: vaguebooking, a form of status update designed to elicit sympathy and/attention from readers who respond to ask what is wrong and offer support to the poster. But vaguebooking can just as easily backfire, leading people to unfriend the poster. What’s … Read More