Stephanie D. Lewis

Stephanie D. Lewis pens her humor at where she tries to live happily ever laughter. A frequent contributor to Huffington Post, In The Powder Room and Bluntmoms, she also has two regular monthly humor columns for local print magazines. As a single mother of six, she’ll decline a full-time housekeeper, but take a live-in psychiatrist.

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Improving Your Blog Menu! Offer Creamed Spinach In Addition to Prime-Rib

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“Order up!” Yes, I used to be a waitress and more people ordered appetizers and soups/salads than the actual main course. I believe this is now true with blogs. According to my stats, more people are perusing my other menu items to sample my Side-Dishes (Those Other Pages at the top of my blog)) than are actually reading my Entrées (Actual posts that circulate in the Reader). Should you expand your menu? Yes!  And here are 3 reasons why! 1.  It projects that you are more of a serious blogger/writer rather than just a fly by night, one trick pony.  You’re here … Read More

Is Your Title Vital or Does it Just Sit Idle? (With Editors’ Input!)

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In that crucial moment before you click “submit” for a publication, do you ever doubt your post’s title, wondering what the editor will think of it? Maybe you’ve never had difficulty thinking up catchy headers for your own personal blog, (you’re perceptive and have a basic familiarity for what works with your subscribers!), but wonder what will make an editor look twice at your headlines. Is all that fretting justified? Can you be too clever, cutsie, punny or charming for your own good? Is the title for THIS article a fun, rhyming tongue twister or a “break-every-rule editor’s nightmare, including parenthesis?” … Read More