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Sharon Holbrook's writing appears in The New York Times, Washington Post, and other national publications. She is also a regular contributing blogger at Brain, Child Magazine. Find her at Sharon is a mom of three and lives with her family in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Writing Lessons Learned From A Kindergarten Class

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Every Thursday, I get the treat of spending an hour in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom, helping with “writer’s workshop.” The kids scratch out a sentence or two about what’s going on in their lives, and we adults help them work through sounding out words and getting them down on paper. A friend told me, “That’s perfect for you, since you’re a writer!” I laughed that one off, because what could adult freelance writing really have in common with 5-year-olds learning to craft their first small stories? Well, when I started to think about it, quite a bit, in fact. I … Read More

Making the Best of Bad (and Good) Blog Post Comments

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I’ve never kept a journal or diary, and I’d never say I write for myself. I write to discuss, to share, to connect. So, naturally, I’m tempted to read the comments on my work. After all, isn’t this why I wrote? So others could read, and I could take my turn to listen in the writer-reader conversation? But then I read the following, all of which are a very real and very small sliver of the reactions to a recent piece of mine: “Shut the hell up lady” “Lighten up, psycho” “What a whack job” “Lazy parents who don’t want … Read More