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8 Things To Avoid When Pitching A Website Or Print Publication

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I am no stranger to the art of the pitch. Not only have I written hundreds of them, but I also receive quite a few for my House Guest series at my newspaper blog. I have learned that while there may be numerous strategies for writing a successful pitch tailored to speak directly to a specific editor, there are also some universal mistakes that every writer will make at some point. If you want to create a polished pitch letter then make doubly sure you have avoided these eight mistakes: 1) Emoji’s Are Lame When I open a pitch from … Read More

For Writers – The Importance Of Developing A Thick Skin

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When I first started blogging I penned a humorous essay that poked fun at cloth diapers. In it I described one particularly unpleasant experience with changing my son. I painted a vivid picture of a flustered mother, of frustration with how much I was supposed to enjoy this gross task, of how expensive it was and the irony of finding myself scrubbing poop off of a $30 piece of fabric while bent over a toilet. I hit publish and to my astonishment that story went gangbusters. That piece drew the attention of local cloth diapering moms, who I would describe … Read More

Pros and Cons of Blogging For A Newspaper

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I am not a newswoman. I do sometimes daydream about being a Lois Lane type and maybe breaking the Internet with some juicy news story. It is easy for me to slip into that particular fantasy because I blog at the Bangor Daily News (at Housewife Plus), Maine’s oldest and biggest newspaper. My little corner of the massive BDN website is surrounded by news stories and reporters, journalism lingo and deadlines. Bloggers have a wide array of options for platforms to choose from when it comes to building a website from which your brand can be cultivated. If you are considering … Read More

My First Featured Post Experience: Scary Mommy

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In late 2014 I started a blog. It had no real direction or theme and no one knew it existed. For three months I posted stories about motherhood before I realized that mom blogging was actually a thing, and that there were LOTS of great writers out there sharing stories just like me. I joined some mom writing groups on Facebook, I applied to have my blog picked up by my local newspaper, and I started working toward my own niche writing style. That is when I accidentally stumbled on Scary Mommy…and oh, my goodness, I had found my tribe. … Read More