Roz Warren

Roz Warren is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia. Her work appears in the New York Times and The Funny Times, as well as inGood Housekeeping, The Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, Vegetarian Times, Seventeen Magazine, Broad Street Reviewand on Women’s Voices for Change. Roz’s latest humor book is “Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor“

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A Bad Title Acts As Reader Repellant: How I Named My Book

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First Published on Women’s Voices For Change Every writer (and every reader) knows how important a good title can be.  The right title can make a potential reader eagerly reach for your book, while a bad title acts as a reader repellant. When I needed a terrific title for my new collection of funny essays about books and library work, I waited with hope for inspiration to strike. When it didn’t, a friend suggested that I use the title of one of the essays in the collection for the book‘s title. The two best candidates?  “A Nun Walks Into A Library.” And … Read More

Promoting Your Writing: This Little Light Of Mine

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First Published on Broad Street Review You’re probably aware of Philadelphia-based best-selling novelist Jennifer Weiner. You may love her books or you may hate them, but chances are you know who she is. Why? She’s not only a popular writer, but she’s also a relentless self-promoter (RSP) who aggressively spreads the word via social media about everything she writes. And she has a sense of humor about it. When Jonathan Franzen included the phrase “Jennifer Weiner-ish self-promotion“ in an essay about what was wrong with the modern world, Weiner didn’t pull back from the self- promo. Instead, she switched her Twitter … Read More