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Rona Simmons blogs at and maintains her writer's page at Her latest work, The Quiet Room was released in January 2014. Her previous works include a ghostwritten biography of a prominent Atlanta businessman, a collection of short stories compiled from interviews of family and friends from the early to mid 1900s, articles for a local magazine and a horticultural journal, and flash fiction broadcast on internet radio.

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Do you remember how you landed your first real job?  And did you use the lessons learned (or should have learned) from that experience when, as a writer, you queried agents and publishers? It’s been more than forty years, but I remember graduating from college, and with great trepidation embarking on the journey to find a job –not just any job, but one that would allow me to venture from the comfort of my parent’s home to live on my own and, even better, leverage what I’d spent four years studying.  With the naiveté of a 22 year old and … Read More