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Rachel Pieh Jones lives in Djibouti with her husband and three children. She has written for the New York Times, Christianity Today, the Christian Science Monitor, FamilyFun, Brain Child, the Big Roundtable, and Runner’s World. Visit her at http://www.djiboutijones.com/

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What happens when your essay is chosen for the Modern Love Podcast?

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In 2016 I got an email from Daniel Jones, editor of the Modern Love column in the New York Times in which he explained the podcast that was launching, based on the column. I love podcasts and was excited to listen but there have been over 600 Modern Love essays published and there was no way mine would make the list. I’m a small blogger with a few lucky clips in well-known places, no formal writing education, no connections, no writing community. I live in Djibouti where I’m the only blogger I know. A year later, I got another email. … Read More