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Pam Moore is a writer, speaker, runner, and a mother. The author of There’s No Room For Fear in a Burley Trailer, she dreams of completing her To Do list, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and sleeping in. She blogs about parenting, fitness, and life in Boulder, Colo. at

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How To Create An Epic, Inexpensive Writing Retreat

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I used to fantasize about spending a weekend in the mountains, or at the beach with my laptop and a few other writers. With a steaming cup of herbal tea in hand (or, realistically, a jumbo travel coffee mug, but it’s a fantasy) and a tranquil view, the words would flow easily from my brain to my keyboard. But writing retreats weren’t for people like me, I thought. For one thing, I wasn’t sure who I was to call myself a writer. If I attended a writing retreat, my “peers” would inevitably see me for the impostor that I was. … Read More