Peggy Boggard-Lapp

Peggy Bogaard-Lapp is a native Coloradoan, and life long writer. She spends summer vacation camping and fishing with her family, always hoping to catch the biggest fish, and as often as possible on the back of a Harley with her knees in the breeze. Read her blog at


The Writing Vitamin – Vitamin M (For Motivation)

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One morning a few weeks ago, I woke up with my mind racing with ideas for a new blog. I grabbed the notebook off my shelf and started brainstorming. I was so excited to finally have a focus of all those ideas that had been bouncing around in my brain. I went on with my daily routine, got my daughter to school, ran a few errands, and sat down later that afternoon and looked at my notes. I re-read the list. Nothing sparked me like it had earlier that morning. The excitement was no longer there, and I thought that … Read More