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Olga Mecking is a writer and translator based in the Netherlands. Her blog, http://www.europeanmama.com/ is all about living abroad, parenting, travel and food. When not writing or thinking about writing, Olga can be found reading, drinking tea and reading some more.

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So You Blew an Assignment. Now What?

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I had a pitch accepted by my dream pub. I was going to be a “real” writer! So I secured interviews, printed out tons of pages of research materials, and set out to work. And then I blew it, and it was epic. But what happened, exactly? In short, life happened. I got sick, the kids were on holidays (again) and stayed at home all the time, and to add insult to injury, I realized, too late, that my source wasn’t the one I was looking for. Too proud to admit this wasn’t going to work out, I only let … Read More

Eliminate This One Phrase That Weakens Your Pitches

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I started pitching to publications without having any idea how it was supposed to work. I familiarized myself with what I should include in a pitch but it was mostly a learn-as-you-go process. After a while I figured out the elements of a pitch. Of course, I always read the submission guidelines and customized every pitch to fit the publication I wanted to be featured on. I introduced myself and my blog, described my idea in a few sentences and explained why I was the best person to write the article. I hoped my excitement about pitching this specific publication … Read More

Where to Get Published Immediately – 6 Sites With No Editorial Approval Needed

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If you’re trying to get your feet wet in the world of being published outside of your own blog, one great way to prepare yourself is to guest-post: to put your writing on someone else’s blog. It will help you get used to thinking about writing for a different (and possibly bigger) audience and get you accustomed to working with editors. I’ve benefitted greatly from help and support from the editors I’ve worked with. But I will be the first one to admit that they can be just a little bit scary. What if they reject my writing, for example? … Read More

18 Places for Expat Bloggers to Submit their Writing

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A friend once told me that being an expat blogger doesn’t pay. In a way, she’s right but I found that with some creativity and persistence, expats can submit their writing and get published on expat sites, travel sites and even bigger sites and often get paid for it. Here’s how. Mainstream sites Many sites are very interested in reading stories from someone who lives abroad, and expats have a choice: they can either submit something that is absolutely un-related to their expat life: for example my post for Club Mid on Scary Mommy or they can write something that is … Read More

7 Things Anthology Self-Publishers Should Know

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Through the process of creating the anthology Dutched Up!Rocking the Clogs, Expat Style!,  I have learned some valuable lessons about publishing an anthology that I would love to share with you. 1) It takes a lot of work and time. I was aware that writing and editing a book takes plenty of time and effort. What I did not know, however, is how much it takes to actually make it happen: formatting, promotion, conversion to various e-book formats, planning, and finding the best way to publish, just to name a few. I felt that our work began only after we finished … Read More

6 Tips for Getting Published In English, When English Is Not Your Native Language

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People who only know me from my writing are sometimes surprised to hear I am not a native speaker of English. I wasn’t born knowing this language but only acquired it as a teenager. Even so, I still manage to get published on big sites such as the Huffington Post or Scary Mommy. I also put together “Dutched Up!”, an anthology about expat life in the Netherlands. When I wrote my post about getting published on big sites, someone very kindly wrote this comment: “as a non-native (speaker), I feel additional fear of rejection.” And he is right. I know … Read More