Mary Mclaurine

Mary is a writer/poet and blogger living in Maryland. She blogs at The Heart of Sassy Lassie, mainly about trying to find humor in all of life's ups and downs. She has been published on First Day Press, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, BluntMOMS and several other sites. She has strong ancestral ties to Scotland and feels that although she has never been there, she has lived there all her life.

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8 Ways To Understand And Deal With Negative Comments

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One can always expect negative comments when a controversial piece is published, however, even the most innocent and well-meaning pieces can attract heartless comments. Like many published writers,  I’ve experienced my fair share. Here’s my advice. PEOPLE GET TO DISAGREE WITH YOU No matter how articulate you are as a writer, people will interpret your words their own way; often in complete opposition to what you intended. Some are lovely and supportive and others are deliberately cruel. What I always remember is that everyone is entitled to their opinion and it isn’t always going to agree with ours. That’s ok. As … Read More