Marie Hickman

Marie Hickman is a former reporter turned all-media writer and blogger. She is a primary contributor to the blog, Behind the Blue, as well as Mamalode, Money Saving Mom, Mind Body Green and others. She and her teenage son live in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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5 Things Being a TV News Reporter Taught Me About Freelance Writing

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TV news is a career that forces you not only to be a master planner, but to plan in chaos. I spent 25 years in front of a camera. Even though it’s been almost that many since I left the business, I can still tell you what time it is within a 10-minute window. I can read building shadows like sundials. I create long-term plans, short-term plans, backup plans, and contingency plans. And I almost never get writer’s block. TV forces you to be hyper-aware of the clock, in some part of your brain, at all times. You can boost … Read More