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Mary Katherine Backstrom – Mary Katherine is the founder of She resides in the Sunshine State with her husband (Ian) and son (Nugget). She’s a southern mom with strong opinions and a messy home. Her writing can be seen on Scary Mommy, Coffee + Crumbs, Mamapedia, and more….but Mom Babble is her home.

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How Can New Bloggers Avoid The Naughty List?

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I remember starting out in the blogging world with a shiny new WordPress site and the world at my fingertips. Blog hops and giveaways were my bread and butter, and I watched my 450 followers tick up (or down) like a hawk. I met a few like-minded bloggers and we formed a little tribe of support. We learned from one another’s successes and mistakes, and a year later, many of us had experienced positive growth. We established solid followings and refined our voices, and even got published on major, paying websites. But some of us boarded up the windows after … Read More