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Lauren B. Stevens is a Baltimore area writer, whose articles and essays have appeared across the internet, in addition to several print anthologies. When Lauren’s not creating content or marketing strategies for businesses, she enjoys drafting creative nonfiction essays about all aspects of her life.

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4 Tips For Talking About Money With Clients

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As freelancers, we’ve ventured off on our own to take charge of our careers and have greater control over our earning power. While most of us have the “take charge” part down, it seems the topic of money is an ever-constant source of frustration and uncertainty, especially for those just starting out in the world of freelancing. I’m going to bring up that awkward topic, and bask in the uncomfortableness with you, sharing why talking about money will ensure that you make more money. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT I have two friends who work for small businesses, both of whom have … Read More

Using Big Name Bylines to Book Clients

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Let me tell you a little story, a story about the gift that keeps on giving. I know this is a hot topic in writing circles, so hold onto your seats, but there was a time that I wrote for free. I wrote for free to test the writing waters (was my writing worthy of being published?), I wrote for free to get bylines on big sites, and I wrote for free because I was passionate about my words and wanted more eyes on my writing. Those times I wrote for free, well, they’ve been paying me handsomely ever since. … Read More

How To Go From Hobby Blogging to Freelancing Pro

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Whether freelancing has been your plan from the beginning, or your blog is beginning to open doors for you, you’re now in the position to transition from hobby blogger to pro. Just over three years ago, I began blogging with one goal in mind – to build a skill set and network my way into making a living from home while raising my son. I floundered for about a year, and then something clicked. I began meeting moms like myself, skilled writers carving out a living while remaining at home with their children. The more I connected with these women, … Read More