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Lisa René LeClair is a writer, humorist, social media junkie and mom who shares childhood stories and bad advice for your amusement at She is a co-author in several anthologies, including "It's Really 10 Months Special Delivery," and an online contributor to Scary Mommy, Mamalode, The Good Men Project and Beyond Your Blog—to name a few.

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A Message To Every Writer Who Feels Like Giving Up

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I hear you. Every morning, I ease into a broken chair and sift through a herd of rejection hoping to find that one piece of reassurance that keeps me from falling to the floor. Writing is laborious. It is a job for thick-skinned individuals with Rottweiler tendencies. We tug on the eyes of an editor and hold out for anything positive. And if they throw us a bone, we chase it to the ends of the Earth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end up in the right hands. I started my blog with the purpose of getting my name out there. … Read More