Lacey Johnson

Lacey is a wife and creative chameleon residing in Nashville, TN, has a degree in journalism from Belmont University and founded, a beauty, wellness and self-development website, in 2014. A storyteller at heart, her writing style is a blend of self-help humor, liberation, entertainment and heartfelt celebration. She often drives her point home with a wink and a whisper, however occasionally only a lion's roar will do. Lacey writes about self-care, personal growth and uncomfortable truths, delivered delicately in a love letter to all who are willing to read her words.

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Yes, You Can Launch a Successful Writing Career From Your Blog

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  The first time I shared with a friend that I planned to create a blog, I was met with a patronizing grimace, which was then followed by a smirk which then conveyed the ultimate message: Disregard. But, who could blame her? There are as many bloggers as there are ineligible and commitment-phobic bachelors in the world (perhaps more). In fact, there are as many bloggers as there are broken hearts. While there are an abundance of fantastic, informative sites which showcase brilliant writing, many are sloppy and filled with poorly remixed and uncredible information. Let’s just be honest. But, … Read More

Sharing Your Truth – Blogging To Impact Others

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Bravery has long been one of my strongest suits. I’ve always felt comfortable exclaiming all of the things many people only dare to whisper to those closest to them. I’m not afraid to shake hands with the elephant in the living room, nor to step up to the mic to acknowledge its presence for all who are willing to listen. I never imagined the impact my boldness would have on others, however. One afternoon in late September, I was preparing to do yoga in my living room when inspiration tapped me on the shoulder and blew through me with a … Read More