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Lisa Beach is a freelance writer, blogger, humorist, and recovering homeschool mom who lived to write about it. Check out her writer’s website at and visit her humor blog at where she tackles midlife, family, friends and all the baggage that goes with it.

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A Writer (over) Analyzes The Rejection Email

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Being a writer is kind of like being a teenage girl. One minute, you’re facing soul-crushing rejection; the next minute, you’re elated over a “he-likes-me” moment. Throw in a dash of overanalyzing other people’s words or behavior, and it’s an emotional roller coaster for sure. Only instead of dealing with teen angst and boyfriend troubles, writers face a special brand of insecurity and rejection: doubt about our writing ability, unengaged readers, mean comments from Internet trolls, the silence of a bombed social media promotional post and a steady stream of “no thanks” from editors. And the ratio of editorial hits … Read More