Kathleen Siddell

Kathleen Siddell lives in Singapore with her husband and two boys. While she resists the term "mommy blogger," she reluctantly admits she is a mother with a blog. Her writing has appeared on The Huffington Post, Washington Post, Mamalode, Scary Mommy and other blogger friendly sites. You can follow her family's adventures living in Asia at https://averysasianadventures.wordpress.com/

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When Accomplishing Your Writing Goals Doesn’t Feel Like You Thought It Would

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The night I got a reply email from Emma Mustich, the former parenting editor at The Huffington Post, I didn’t sleep well. “I’d like to run this piece,” she wrote with frustrating brevity. My blog and writing career would take off! This was the big break I’d been waiting for! Goal accomplished! I cautiously spread the news among my dearest who perpetuated my fantasy. (None of them are in the writing game.) My book deal was within reach. My piece was posted and promoted by the Huffington Post on social media. The first 48 hours were exciting. I’d never had … Read More