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Kristen M. Polito is a freelance writer based in Florida. You can read her public blog, SaltandPepperTheEarth, and follow her on twitter @saltandpepperth.

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Keep Imposter Syndrome From Affecting Freelance Productivity

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“It must have been a fluke.” “It was nothing.” “I just got lucky.” “It could’ve been anybody.” “You’re not good enough. You never were, and you never will be. Anything good that happens is purely by coincidence or having been being privileged in some way.” Moreover, at any given moment, people will find out what I actually am–an impostor, a fraud–someone who just got lucky. Perhaps you feel a similar anxiety to my own.  Maybe, you worry, any day now, your supervisor at work is going to call you out on your incompetence and let the department, the company, hell, … Read More