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Writer, humorist, activist Kate Mayer writes all over the internet with humor, wit, and misguided wisdom, and is often, but not always, funny on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. When she can’t sell her essays, she publishes them on her blog at www.KathrynMayer.com for her mother, rather-attractive-husband, and four and a half semi-adult children to read.

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Authors discuss if blogging is real writing and my head explodes

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Twice, (okay, maybe three or four times) recently I have been insulted to the level of despair, which is in part, why I got my blogging ass to a BinderCon NYC (a serious writing conference for women and non-males), and why I committed to doing #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) to post one blog a day for 30 days of November (this is #5). Here’s how one such insult went down. At a small local writers panel of published authors in a local library, the question arose what was the difference between a writer and an author. The panelists concluded … Read More