Janice Wilberg

I’m a feminist, newly re-radicalized and seeing things through lenses I’ve been keeping in a drawer for a long time. My blog, Red’s Wrap, is about change – advocating for change, understanding change, and adjusting to change. My family and relationships play a central role in my stories, especially my experience as a mother to four children, including three adopted as special needs children from Nicaragua, a partner in a long and successful marriage, and a grandmother to two gorgeous little girls and twin baby boys. I aim for good writing and ideas that will stick with you. In other words, my blog isn’t about my day. It’s about what my day meant."

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Exposure: When a Small Story Goes Big

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I waited forty-five years to tell my story. I’d told my husband and a few close friends but I was never public about having had an illegal abortion when I was 19. Throughout my life, I’d been a huge supporter of reproductive rights, seeing abortion as part of a set of options that should always be available to women, and yet, in my own mind, abortion still carried a stigma. I’d tell other people that having an abortion was nothing to be ashamed of but the truth was I was ashamed. And then I snapped while listening to a radio … Read More