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Jennifer Oradat is a writer, editor, and generally optimistic person. She writes about parenting her two kids and being a military wife, and throws in some wicked funny satire on her website

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7 Common Mistakes Writers Make that get Submissions Rejected‏

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Rejection happens to us all, unfortunately, and it happens a lot if you’re a writer. You pour your blood, sweat, and tears into writing something that makes you proud. Your heart pounds in your chest as you hit “submit”. You spend the next two weeks checking your email obsessively, hating yourself for every single newsletter you signed up for to get the extra 20% off of your first purchase, because now they send you 10 emails every day and you always think it’s going to be a response from the website but IT’S NEVER THEM. Until, magically, one day it is. … Read More

What To Do When A Site Republishes Your Writing Without Permission

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(DISCLAIMER: I have familiarized myself with issues of copyright law through misery, mistakes, and loads of misinformation, but I’m a writer, not an expert in intellectual property. Since I’m not an attorney of any sort, this isn’t legal advice, and shouldn’t be treated as such.) Scraping. Repost, republish, reprint. Theft. Tomato, to-mah-to. No matter what you call it, there’s is little more infuriating to a writer than to discover that your work has been published without your consent. Maybe you noticed a strange ping back waiting for your approval in your website comments. Maybe you noticed an upswing in traffic … Read More

Transforming Your Personal Blog Into A Submissions-Based Website

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Have you ever thought about being on the other side of the submissions fence?  That’s just what Mom Babble Founder, Mary Katherine Backstrom did when she turned her personal blog into a submissions-based website.  She and her Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Oradat, are sharing some of the lessons they have learned in their first few months, for those of you who might be considering your own similar move. When I first started Mom Babble, I always intended it to have a community feel. I assumed that would be developed through my audience; I never considered diversifying our voice with outside writers. I didn’t … Read More