Jessica Graham

Jessica Graham often gets lost, especially when she's writing. Sometimes she finds the words; other times the words find her. Regardless, words are the way she finds her way home. You can find her at In Soon you'll also be able to find her on Amazon when she releases her e-book, Beautiful Paradox: Musings, Marvelings and Strategies of a Special Needs Parent.


I Don’t Want A Platform

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I’m going to share the best advice a boss ever gave me. But before I do that, you need the context of a little back story. Last summer, I wrote a book: a memoir about the crazy adoption road we’ve traveled. After I wrote the book, I wrote a book proposal and started reaching out to agents. Recently, one such agent asked to see sample chapters. In doing so, she asked me about my numbers and my “platform.” Essentially, she wanted to know my sphere of influence. How many Twitters followers do I have? (None. I don’t have Twitter.) How … Read More