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I’m Francesca, a word lover, book geek, literary enthusiast…I always carry pen, paper and a book, and nearly all my relatives get a book for Christmas. It’s the lens into other worlds and the opportunity to disappear from my own for a while I think… Whenever I travel somewhere new I first seek out the library, and if staying more than a couple of days, a local book club! I’ve always been a keen wordsmith, and as well as dabbling in journalism, I run writing workshops to encourage and inspire others to use the wonder of words, and scribble about literature, among other things, on my blog And So She Thinks.

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7 Ways Writing Helps Improve Wellbeing

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Deadlines can be panic inducing. Editors may be demanding. The search for commissions is draining. Trying to make ends meet can make you feel full of anxiety. Put like that, the dream of being a published author or journalist seems more of a nightmare. Sometimes it’s a wonder that we bother writing at all. But as well as a love of words, a passion for communication of ideas and information, and a creative impulse within, there is another reason to nudge us on. Writing can be brilliant for our wellbeing. Many writers testify to the benefits they find in their … Read More