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Emily Ramirez is a SAHM to a couple of cats and a toddler who thinks she is a cat. She keeps her sanity by chronicling her (mis)adventures on her parenting blog, holdmedontholdmeblog.com.

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After A Year Of Blogging: 9 Things I wish I’d Known From The Start!

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These days it seems you can’t throw a eco-friendly, gender neutral, Montessori block without hitting a mommy blogger. This isn’t meant as an insult, as I too began blogging shortly after my daughter was born, presumably for the same reason as many others: It was all so new. I felt like I was an explorer, and each incredible thing I went through had to be shared with the Motherland (no pun intended) because it was so bizarre and exotic. “It’s poop! UP THE BACK?! Have you ever SEEN such a thing?” But alas, many multitudes of incredibly talented others had … Read More

32 Short Steps For Writing A Blog Post

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First Published on Hold Me, Don’t Hold Me To mark the 6 month anniversary of me starting Hold Me, Don’t Hold Me, my wildly mildly popular parenting blog, I thought it appropriate to share my secrets to success, namely how I generate my incredibly unique and extremely relevant topics to write about. Now, don’t kid yourself, kids, writing a blog is a tough business. But with a little work, even you can become an internet sensation force your spouse and parents to read things you write. With that I present to you: How To Write A Blog In Just 32 Short Steps. … Read More