Eva Langston

Eva Langston received her MFA from the University of New Orleans, and her fiction has been published in many journals and anthologies. She is the Features Editor for Compose Journal and a writing workshop leader at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland. A former math teacher for students with learning disabilities, she now tutors middle-school part-time and writes novels for young people. You can read about her slow journey towards a writing career at inthegardenofeva.com

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10 Words To Trim From Your Writing

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Like extra cookies you don’t really need, extra words can make your writing flabby.  Especially in the online world, where readers want articles that are quick and easy-to-read, it’s important to keep your sentences trim. Whenever I finish writing an article, story, or novel, I use the “search” function to find the following words.  Most of the time, I realize they’re unnecessary.  They are clogging up the arteries of my prose, and I can delete them. It’s amazing how taking away a few little words can make such a big difference in the readability and flow of a piece. So … Read More