Elizabeth Broadbent

Elizabeth got pregnant at a very convenient time to quit her Ph.D. program, where she taught writing to college students. Now she stays home with her three boys to procreate, messily tie-dye, and make fun of Pinterest while secretly scouring it for art ideas. Elizabeth’s internet home is manicpixiedreammama.com, and you can find her writing on The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, xoJane, Bustle, Mamapedia, Today Show Parents, and Time Magazine. She writes a regular column for ADDitude magazine.

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Step 1: Write Something Controversial, Step 2: Prepare For The Aftermath

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Here’s what I meant: Pets are not kids. The love you feel for the two is not equivalent. So calling animals “furkids” or “kids” or “granddogs” compares them to kids, which isn’t accurate. And which is mildly offensive to those of us in the parenting trenches. This was all a giant mistake. Never get between people and their dogs. First, YourTango slapped a splashy headline on it: “No, Your Dog is Not Your Baby, and Saying So Is an Insult to Moms.” Not really what I intended. Then the editors put up an angry lady graphic and slung it on … Read More

How A Viral Post Turned Into A CNN Appearance And A Way To Connect

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I won’t tell you how long it took me to write the post; I write fast, and this was even faster than usual. I’ll only say that it came out of my anger and frustration at the situation in Ferguson, at the ugliness I saw on my Facebook feed, at the denial that all of us white people share some guilt in systemic racism. So I pounded out “A Mother’s White Privilege,” which boils down to this: my white kids get passes. Your black kids don’t. “The last line is too much,” my husband said. “I don’t care,” I said. … Read More