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Christina Chan is a nationally published writer who has covered pets, architecture, real estate, and travel. Outside of writing for publications, her focus is on content marketing for business clients and branding agencies. She is the current Los Angeles Chapter Leader for the Nonfiction Authors Association.

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Quick Read: 4 Ways To Hook Readers (and Editors) with Headlines

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Let’s face it. When it comes to copy, headlines are important. It doesn’t matter what you’ve written if people get to the headline and then mosey on to something else because the words just didn’t hold their interest. Conversely, what’s written after the headline matters too. Nothing is more frustrating, in my opinion, than reading that cliff-hanger headline and then getting to the body of a post or article to find out I’ve been conned. The headline is a promise to the reader that you’ll deliver on something. This might be information that’ll save time or something laughter-inducing to break … Read More