Caryn Berardi

Caryn Berardi works in higher education and lives in Texas with her husband and twin toddler boys. Her writing has been seen on Huffington Post, Kveller, Modern Loss and Scary Mommy. She can be found dreaming about retirement on her blog, or on Twitter @carynstat .

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These 4 Public Speaking Lessons Will Improve Your Writing (and make speaking less scary than a reptile!)

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Outside of immediate danger, there are not many things that invoke fear and anxiety in people more than public speaking. In fact, according to the 2016 Chapman University Survey of American Fears, the only “personal fear” ranked higher is that of reptiles. Even if you enjoy public speaking, nerves can still pervade. Will you communicate your point effectively? Will the audience connect with your message? Will you be standing all alone, forget everything you wanted to say, and have all of your vulnerabilities and insecurities exposed to a world ready to Tweet how dreadful you and your speaking skills are? … Read More

6 Ways Bloggers Can Combat ‘How To’ Info Overload

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Have you ever sat down to write and told yourself you will start by reading just one article you bookmarked the other day with motivational tips for writers? And then that post linked to a few other articles that were interesting, so you clicked through for a bit? And then you blinked and your lunch break, nap time, or power hour for creativity was over, your “new post” screen completely blank? If so, welcome to my world! Striving to improve your craft and taking advantage of online resources to help you is a critical (and fun!) part of blogging. But … Read More