Blanca Valbuena

Blanca Valbuena is the Co-founder of Socialdraft, a social media dashboard based around a content calendar heavy on in-dash analytics. She became a social media addict while marketing her first business, FriendsEAT on a super tight budget. The site grew to 1 million monthly visitors, 48k likes on Facebook, 58k followers on Twitter, and 1.8M followers on Google+.

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10 Key Social Media Scheduling Facts For Bloggers

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Chances are you as a blogger don’t have a huge war chest for marketing. Good thing you’re smarter, tougher, and hungrier than most out there. What’s a blogger to do when competing with publishing behemoths? Although social media has matured and traditional media is definitely battling you for traffic, you can do things better and more effectively than their underpaid intern can. Besides, there are some awesome tools, including inexpensive and easy to use social media scheduling dashboards that you can use to your advantage…but before you get to scheduling, let’s run through some things that you need to know … Read More