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My name is Amber. I'm a writer, mother, and lover of people. I write a blog with my husband: We talk about our finances, travels, and 30 day challenges. You can also find my work on Huffington Post. My dream would be living in an Airstream exploring national parks with my little family.

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Can Readers and Writers Get Along?

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I keep a running list of blog ideas, things that happen in my life that are infuriating, or peculiar. I’ll write a rough draft, a free-flow of thoughts on the topic. When it’s time to edit and publish, most of my writing never reaches my audience. Writers and readers can’t get along. I like having friends and family. If they read some of the things I think about them, it might make the holidays too awkward for comfort. I enjoy challenging people, and pushing my practical agenda, but one thing I’ve learned is, (unfortunately) people don’t bend to my will. … Read More