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Alana Romain is a writer and mother to a set of hilarious toddler twins who were born prematurely at only twenty-five weeks gestation. You can find her at Rockstar Preemies, where she writes about prematurity, motherhood, and living life with two at once.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Published Online

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Last week, I wrote a bit about the things I learned about writing after getting published. Make no mistake, getting your first published piece teaches you a lot, but how do you make that first piece happen if you have no idea where to start? There are an almost infinite number of things that will affect whether or not you get a yes or a no from an editor, but these newbie-friendly fundamentals could help you break through to your first byline. Step 1: Write Something (Publishable) Despite how it can sometimes feel, editors actually WANT to publish your stuff, … Read More