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Amy Paturel is an award-winning journalist who has contributed essays to Newsweek, Parents, Health, Women’s Health, O (the Oprah Magazine), Wine Enthusiast, Spirituality & Health and The Los Angeles Times. To learn more about Paturel’s online essay course, please visit

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An interview with Good Housekeeping’s Carla Levy

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In this article, contributor and friend to BYB, Amy Paturel, interviews her editor at Good Housekeeping, Carla Levy. Q: Many writers reading this interview will be familiar with Good Housekeeping, but tell us a little bit about the publication and your background there. A: I think people view Good Housekeeping as an old-fashioned magazine that’s stuck in another generation. I recommend people pick it up and give it a read because I think they’ll be surprised. I came on board from Condé Nast a little over two years ago and I would put our content, our photography and the job … Read More

Revising the Personal Essay – 8 Tips to Self Edit for Success!

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Revising the personal essay is a bit like putting your children back in the womb and genetically re-engineering them. The very qualities you find so endearing may take them off course. What’s worse, you’re far too invested to see anything objectively. Revising provides an opportunity to step outside your story and gain a better perspective … then tweak accordingly. The payoff can mean the difference between a pass and a sale, to say nothing of the emotional gains. Here are 8 tips to take your essay from draft to done. Take a deep breath. Part of revising involves killing your … Read More

8 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing Personal Essays

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Essay is a popular genre. Trouble is, the number of essayists lobbying for space on the page far exceeds the available slots. For example, The New York Times’ Modern Love column sees thousands of submissions each year — of which only 52 run. Despite this sobering stat, not all publications that run personal essays are that competitive. Out of every 15 essays I draft, I usually sell about 10. Not a bad ratio. While I’d like to believe each of those 10 is a masterpiece, the truth is, I’ve learned to avoid the common essay pitfalls. Plus, when I know … Read More