Andrea Lani

Andrea Lani's writing has appeared in Brain, Child, SaltFront, and Orion, among others. She lives in Maine with her husband and three sons, the oldest of whom vigorously objects to the classification of Van Halen as a hair band. She can be found online at


Advice to Writers from 80’s Hair Bands

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As a teenager, my musical tastes tended toward the Duran Duran end of the spectrum, so when my son went through a hard rock phase a couple of years ago, I was surprised I knew the lyrics to so many songs I had never intentionally listened to. I was also surprised to find, buried among the scratchy singing voices and really long guitar riffs, useful advice for writers. I decided to delve deeper into the glam rock genre to seek out more helpful hints with hairspray from the 70s and 80s. This journey was like a stroll down memory laneā€”or, … Read More