Allison Barrett Carter

Allison Barrett Carter is a freelance writer in North Carolina. She is on a journey to keep learning and finding the best life, documenting it all on her website. Her pieces have appeared in many places such as New York Times’ Motherlode, The Mid, Scary Mommy, Mamalode, and in several print anthologies, as well as various local news outlets.

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A Freelance Writer’s Blog Strategy (No Google Analytics Allowed)

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The best blog advice I can give: Know your reason for blogging and have great brand identity. The biggest confession I can offer: I have never followed this advice. My blog has been the outlet of my very diverse life. It has been a lot of fun, but also (if I am honest), one hot mess. I started with lifestyle posts, listicles, and participating in all the linky parties I could find, trying to get in with the cool kids at the lunch table. It never worked out; nothing stuck. Then one blessed day, my writing was published outside of my … Read More

5 Essential Rules For Promoting Your Published Writing On Social Media

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You did it! You got a piece published beyond your blog. This is a wonderful thing for many reasons. It is even more exciting when you consider that this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for, the opportunity to establish a long-standing relationship with a publication you enjoy writing for. There are some very real things you can do to ensure that you get accepted again. Good content matters, yes, but what you do in social media to thrill your host can matter even more. First, make sure that you share your publication on social media. It seems obvious, … Read More