When I first started my personal blog, I had no idea that there were opportunities for writers like me to be published outside of my own little domain.  I found myself squatting on my Google Analytics getting excited about a single visitor, only to realize the person on my site was me, because I had failed to close my other browser window.  Oops!

Beyond Your Blog presents submission opportunities, provides tips and tricks to help you get your writing accepted, and interviews bloggers and editors who give us the inside scoop on submitting to specific sites.

I wanted to grow my audience but didn’t feel like social media was getting me much traction.  That’s when I decided to go where the readers were instead of waiting for them to come to me. I started to see some other bloggers I knew announcing that they had been published on various magazine-style and contributor-style websites and started to test the waters.

It was mostly trial and error as I figured out where and how to submit my writing. I made lots of rookie mistakes and found most of the resources were geared at fiction writers or career journalists and freelancers. After lots of stumbles, I found that publishing my writing beyond my blog was the key to helping me reach outside of the small audience I had cultivated on my own.  I have some major Attention Seeking Behavior (ASB) going on, and I craved the attention of more readers.

Once I started to get published on some of my coveted sites, I started seeing some traffic from those posts coming back to my own site. I got direct requests from editors for original content, and experienced the perks of being part of a contributor community for specific sites.  I was able to build my blogging resume and media kit as well as a brag-worthy sidebar (and who doesn’t want to give good sidebar). I realized that my favorite bloggers had a similar strategy as I saw them popping up all over the blogosphere.

In 2014 I created Beyond Your Blog to help other bloggers through the learning curve of getting published on sites beyond their own personal blog. It has since evolved as a stop for writers of all kinds spanning a wide range of publication goals. Let’s face it, writers can be hush-hush about submission opportunities (I’ve done it myself!), so I have made BYB a place where you can get the info you need regardless of your connections.

Want to learn more? Visit our Start Here page to get a tour of the site and find the resources that will help you the most!

I’m so glad you found us!

–Susan Maccarelli, Beyond Your Blog Founder