9 Quick Doses Of Inspiration And Advice For Bloggers and Writers

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9 Quick Doses Of Inspiration and Advice For Bloggers And Writers

We’ve had some great guest posts here on Beyond your Blog, and to give you a glimpse into some of the gold that is buried in this here website, I’ve pulled some of my favorite quotes offering advice and inspiration for bloggers and writers. Each image is linked to the full post it came from on Beyond your Blog.

9 Quick Doses Of Inspiration and Advice For Bloggers And Writers


Let your rejections teach you something, but don’t let them paralyze you - Linda Demers Hummel lindadhummel.com @LindaDHummel



it doesn’t matter if there are three, or thirty, or three hundred of them. As long as they love reading your words, that’s about as successful as any writer could hope to be. Joanna McClanahan



Every piece has its place. Let me repeat that- each and every article, essay or listicle you write has a home — sometimes it just takes a bit of work to find an open door - Kimberly Zapata



Don’t write about something controversial unless you’re prepared for the aftermath - Elizabeth Broadbent



it’s essential to have friends who know that when you get published on certain sites, it’s A BIG DEAL! The ones who give you virtual high fives when you post “I’m on On Parenting.” These are the friends who will share in your success, as you will in theirs. - Ann Cinzar



Once I realized I wasn’t trying to capture readers to create affiliate link clicks, bump my Facebook likes, or increase my SEO, my blog became a place of immeasurable freedom - Allison Barrett Carter



Send it once you’ve come back to it later and can look at it without your rosy-coloured writer glasses on. If you still like it, if you still think it’s awesome, THEN send it.- Alana Romain



If someone shares something with the world, they are inviting you to engage. Support people the way you want to be supported. Be generous with your feedback. - Kaly Sullivan



Conversations online have made me even more comfortable joining conversation in real life - Linda Wolff

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