8 Writers Share Their Target Publications

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8 Writers Share Their Target Publications

In 2016 Beyond Your Blog reached out to bloggers to see which online publications they hoped to be published on. A year later, we followed up to see if they had reached their goals or changed course.

Now we are following a new group of bloggers (and some writers who don’t have blogs) to find out their publishing goals for 2017.  We’ll check in next to see where they are with those target sites next year!

Pappas_Stephanie_HeadshotStephanie is a professor turned stay-at-home-parent committed to debunking all of the bad parenting advice on the internet. She blogs at snackdinner, where she helps parents build their inner BS detectors.

Stephanie’s publishing goals:

The Washington Post – One of the things I’m most proud of from my first year is my Talent Network Application, which has been languishing since October. Whether I ever get accepted or not, even just applying is proof that I’m taking myself and my writing seriously.

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Scary Mommy – I can now wallpaper at least one side of my office with “not a good fit for us right now” responses from Scary Mommy. I figure getting rejections instead of silence is a sign that I’m getting closer to matching the style and tone of the site, so I’ll keep submitting this year.

Parent.Co – I was so excited to learn about Parent.Co from the BYB podcast, and even more thrilled to be a regular contributor for the site. This year I want to do the editors proud with posts that neither pander nor sensationalize, yet still have wide reach.

Book Proposal and First Chapter – I have all the things you’re supposed to have to write a book (a cleaned-off desk, writing software, The Writer’s Market, a prospectus, a writing schedule…), but I keep sacrificing my long term goals for cool short term opportunities. I hope that, by making my goal public here, I’ll keep myself accountable to all of you so that I have good news to report in 2018.

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Some publication I don’t know about yet – Part of my success in my first year of blogging was keeping myself open to new opportunities. In the coming year, I’ll devote a day or two per month just to seeing what cool new writing opportunities are out there.

Rhiannon is an overwhelmed mother who only occasionally considers giving her children to the circus. She has a sarcasm problem and writes regularly at rhiyaya.com.

Rhiannon’s publishing goals:

Washington Post – My first year going “beyond my blog” was a busy one. This year I plan to focus on quality. On Parenting is definitely a high bar to reach.

Good Housekeeping – My ultimate goal for the year is to see my words in a major glossy print magazine. At the very least, I would like to be accepted by the online version.

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Parents – I write about a lot of topics but parenting tends to be my bread and butter.

O or Martha Stewart – Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Elise SeyfriedElise  is Director of Spiritual Formation at Christ’s Lutheran Church in Oreland. She is also an actress, wife, mother of five and co-author (with husband, Steve) of 15 plays for children. Her recently self-published book, “Unhaling: On God, Grace and a Perfectly Imperfect Life,” is one of three she has written, each with a spiritual and humorous focus. Follow her blog here.

Elise’s publishing goals :

Brevity – The home of really short essays. I am nothing if not brief (except when I talk). My blog posts are each 500 word (precisely) essays, so seems like a fit. I feel pretty good about this one!

Motherwell – Their parenting essays are terrific. I am a parent (of five, and grandma of two). I write essays. In theory this should work…
The Wisdom Daily: This is an awesome site focused on spiritual wisdom. I am a spiritual formation director at a church, and often write on spiritual topics.
The Mighty – Great site that tackles, among other things, mental health issues. I’ve written about my struggle with bipolar disorder before (including for OC87 Recovery Diaries, which I found out about from you!) and feel strongly about fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.
Chicken Soup for the Soul – I submitted one story to them ages ago, and never heard back. I’m trying not to be easily discouraged in the year ahead, so will send another story and just see.

Cheryl is a mother of twins and a daughter. Her writing has been published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings,” Parent Co., Mothers Always Write, Twins Magazine, and It’s Twins. Follow her on Twitter.

Cheryl’s publishing goals :

Chicken Soup for the Soul – I have created a goal to submit at least one essay to each topic (that I can write about) this year to hopefully improve my chances.

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Washington Post’s On Parenting – Through this process of essay swapping for edits on a Chicken Soup for the Soul submission, one person suggested if Chicken Soup didn’t work out I should submit to On Parenting in the Washington Post which I never thought was in my reach (never even tried) so I would like to add that as a target post.

Readers’ Digest – I love this publication and have submitted a lot to the 100-word story–I would love to be published there one day.

Penny Hoarder – Lastly, I love saving money so another goal would be the Penny Hoarder.

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Crystal, a Texas based author, can be found at Crystal Duffy where she writes about parenting and her journey through motherhood with three little girls under five, including a set of identical twins. 

Crystal’s publishing goals :

Hearst Digital Magazines -There is such a wide reach and the opportunity to inspire whole range of readers.

Brain, Child Magazine —This is my goal for what I want my writing to be. I love the long personal essays that are the essence of Brain Child. I also love the amazing community created for mothers to gather and think deeply.

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Washington Post’s On Parenting – This is my dream publication. I would love to someday be published in the Washington Post, because. I admire its prestige, reach, and quality of writing.

My book—Within the next year, with my agent’s help, I hope to secure a book deal for my memoir, which details my high-risk pregnancy with my identical twin girls.

Liz is a writer and lifestyle blogger in DFW, Texas. When she’s not blogging, she’s binging Netflix and literally chilling. Liz blogs at janepedia.com

Liz’s publishing goals:

Ravishly – I pitched the editor-in-chief whilst under the influence of antihistamines. I held back, but also got carried away, with my submission (it was a MESS) and want a chance to redeem myself, so it’s this sort of “try, try again” thing.


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The Write Life – I just discovered them (through BYB)! I love writing about blogging so I’m lurking and stalking them while I brainstorm posts.

Every Day Fiction – I want to challenge myself to write flash fiction as I work on my fiction novel.

A piece about autism – I want to expand my horizons and become more comfortable talking about my autism with others.

Kristina can be found at Kristina Newman, where she mostly writes about figuring out motherhood, life, and managing grief.

Kristina’s publishing goal:

New York Times Modern Love Column – I am obsessed with Modern Love. I have always had an affinity for all things related to love, but I am drawn to the stories because they take on so many variations of love in such a beautiful way. This is my number one target publication.

Elephant Journal – I love the thoughtful articles they publish, and I think that this would be a great home for some of my pieces that aren’t so much focused on motherhood as they are on the struggle to figure out what this life is all about. Most of what I have read on Elephant Journal is the kind of writing that speaks to your core, and that is what I am most interested in writing.

Louise blogs at yogaskinny.com about all things yoga and health for the middle years & beyond.   As well as a part time blogger, she is also a full time mom, time to time yoga instructor and all the time coffee drinker.

Louise’s publishing goals:

Yoga International – One of the biggest yoga related sites online with lots of great content, it existed as a printed magazine for many years before converting to digital format.  As a well respected outlet I would love to feature on it.

Thrive Global – Arianna Huffington’s latest online launch.  I’ve always fantasized about seeing a byline on the Huffington Post but her new project is just as aspirational.  This is the year I want to try and make it happen.

Breathe – I only recently discovered this magazine and love it.  It’s one of a handful of newer magazines focusing on wellbeing, mindfulness and creativity.  Call me old fashioned but I still believe that being published in a traditional paper magazine would be the biggest scoop!

What are YOUR publishing goals for the next year?

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