8 Things You Need To Know To Go From Blogger To Submission Savvy Writer

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8 Things You Need To Know To Go From Blogger To Submission Savvy Writer - Beyond Your Blog online course

Two and a half years ago writing was the furthest thing from my mind. I had two kids under the age of 4, and filling out a preschool registration form was about as far as my creative nonfiction went.

Due to my convincing husband and my need for a hobby that was more interesting than watching QVC and doing felt applique (not to belittle two of my favorite activities), I started a blog and began posting something new every few weeks. Pretty soon, blogging lost its luster for me because I craved something I didn’t have: Readers.

On the eve of quitting my blog for good, I thought I’d do a little searching to see if there were any sites that would publish my blog posts so I could get my words in front of someone other than my mom and my aunt. I found BlogHer, and a few weeks later, not only was I still blogging, but I was gaining readers and searching frantically for more places I could get published. I was amazed when little by little I started to find these sites and none of them came to my house demanding a master’s degree in English or a list of writing credits.

8 Things You Need To Know To Go From Blogger To Submission Savvy Writer - online course from Beyond Your Blog

During this time, I made every rookie mistake in the book from bombarding a single editor with a mountain of my work at once, to submitting the same piece to more than one site simultaneously.

After learning the ropes through trial and lots of error, I decided to start Beyond your Blog to help other bloggers who were in the same leaky boat I had been in.

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I’ve combined the information I learned through my own initiation into the world of submitting writing, as well as consulting with bloggers on submission strategy, interviewing dozens of editors, networking with successful writers, and daily research, to create Submission Savvy – A Beginners Step By Step Strategy For Getting Published Online.

In this self-paced course, there are 8 modules covering these 8 things you need to know to go from blogger to submission savvy writer:

  • Why you want to be published beyond your personal blog – We’ll talk about the benefits of being published on other sites, and we’ll dive into your goals so you can focus your submissions accordingly.
  • Where your writing belongs –  We’ll cover practical ways to find sites that you want to target for submissions and I’ll also share some specific sites that are very beginner-friendly if you have submission anxiety.
  • Best practices for republishing your best work– You’ll learn how to go about giving the posts on your personal blog a new and wider audience by submitting them to sites that republish. We’ll discuss how to read submission guidelines to better understand how different sites deal with previously published work, we’ll cover general etiquette around submitting your previously published work, we’ll spotlight some sites that accept previously published work and look at some rookie mistakes.
  • Logistics and etiquette for submitting writing – This section of the course gets into the dos and don’ts for submitting your writing, including the things to do BEFORE you submit to a site to lay the groundwork for a good reception. We’ll also talk about decoding submission guidelines and the key things you should look for.
  • How to Promote Like A Pro – We’ll address what you need to know about promoting your work once a site publishes it. Specifically, we’ll talk about teaser posts and social media promotion. We’ll also go into how and why to set up a featured writing page showcasing your published work. Finally we’ll take a peek at some rookie mistakes that you will want to avoid with self promotion.
  • How to use rejection as momentum  – This module includes rejection etiquette including how long to wait before moving on if you haven’t heard back. We’ll talk about the main reasons your work will be rejected, we’ll remind you why getting rejections is actually pretty awesome (it really is), and I’ll share with you my #1 trick for staying positive after a rejection. 
  • How to find paying opportunities – In this important module, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding and understanding paid opportunities. We’ll address the writing for free vs. only writing for payment debate. We’ll talk about how to find paying opportunities, the various types of payment models you’ll encounter, how to track payments and some of the pitfalls around being paid for your writing.
  • How to stay organized and motivated with your writing submissions – I’ll introduce you to my submission tracker and we’ll talk about time management and how to stay motivated.
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If you are a new blogger, or a blogger who is ready to step into the world of being published online, Submission Savvy is for you! To learn more about the course and to register, click HERE.

8 Things You Need To Know To Go From Blogger To Submission Savvy Writer - Beyond Your Blog online course

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Susan Maccarelli is the creator of Beyond Your Blog, a site helping bloggers successfully submit their writing for publishing opportunities beyond their personal blogs. She also offers online training and consulting to new bloggers looking for direction on submitting their writing for publication. Susan has interviewed dozens of editors from publications like The New York Times, Huffington Post, Brain, Child, Chicken Soup For The Soul, The Washington Post, and speaks at many respected writing and blogging conferences.