7 Suggestions To Help Determine Which Sites To Submit Your Writing To

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Which Site Should I Submit My Writing To? 7 Tips To Help You Decide

The question of “Which site(s) should I submit my writing to?” can be especially tricky when you first start submitting writing.  Even veteran bloggers can sometimes use help in this department.  Here are  a few things you can try when you’re stuck.

Which Site Should I Submit My Writing To? 7 Tips To Help You Decide

1.  Sites You Like

This might be pretty obvious, but think about the sites you like.  What sites to you visit daily?  What sites do you love to spend time on?  Where are you sharing and pinning posts from?  In a lot of cases, these might be sites that contain content on topics similar to what you blog about.  If you write similar content, see if they accept submissions, and if so, consider putting them on your submission list.

2.  Sidebars

Think about the blogs that you want to be like when you grow up.  I’m talking about those other bloggers in your niche (or at least close to your niche).  Check out their sidebars and see what badges they have, indicating work featured on other sites.  If they cover topics similar to what you cover, and you think highly of their writing, definitely check out some of the places they have been featured.  They may also have a featured writing page or a list of their featured writing on an ‘About’ or ‘Find Me Here’ type of page.

Sidebar Pecked To Death By Chickens

BetsyLife Featured On

3. Beyond Your Bloggers

If you are stumped about where to submit in general, or you have a specific piece you want to submit, and want to discuss options as they relate to your goals for submissions (traffic, follows, shares, comments, etc.), come on over and join our Facebook group, Beyond Your Bloggers.  I will approve pretty much any thread that is related to submitting your writing, and we have a GREAT group of supportive bloggers who can help.  It is my favorite blogging group that I am a part of, although I might be a bit biased since it’s my group, but some see for yourself!

4.  Sites That Take Existing Content

If you are pressed for time in terms of creating new content for submission, that is not published on your own blog, or if you are new to submitting writing to other sites, consider some of the sites that accept previously published material.  This will let you dip your toes in the water without a lot of extra effort to start.  This will give you a chance to feel out what working with different sites is like and build some relationships with editors.  Beyond Your Blog has a submission opportunities page where we try to indicate which sites require new and which accept existing content.

5.  Beyond Your Blog Submission Opportunities

Take a few minutes to visit Beyond Your Blog’s resource for sites that accept submissions.  We add to these daily and you can check out newly added opportunities on our social media, or join our Facebook Group, Beyond Your Bloggers, and set notifications so you receive them as soon as they are added.  Our submission opportunity page is broken out by high level niche (parenting humor, DIY/Crafts, Travel, and many more), or you can just check out the listing for ALL submission opportunities.

6. Sites That Will Help You Achieve Goals

Another way to choose sites to submit to is to focus on those that will help you achieve your goals. A blogger who wants to gain new followers may choose different sites than someone who wants to engage through lots of comments. Similarly, someone looking to reach new readers may submit somewhere different from someone who wants to reach people outside of their niche or within a specific niche etc.  Networking with other bloggers as well as monitoring posts on other sites for comments, shares etc. can help you choose sites based on your goals.

7.  Google

Google is your friend.  Let’s take an example.  I write parenting humor on my personal blog.  I could Google ‘parenting humor sites’, and my first result is ‘Funniest Mom Blogs’ on Sheknows.com.  If I click on the first blog, it’s Brittanyherself.com.  If I look on her About page, I see some places where she has been published.  Within that (see below), I can immediately find four or five sites I have never heard of that I might want to check out.  That search could go tons of different ways, but you can see how some Google sleuthing can yield great information.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.05.26 PM

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