7 Sites Want Your Photos and Photo Essays!

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I’ve been surprised to find out how many bloggers and writers are also photographers, both amateur and professional. If this describes you, consider submitting your photos and photo essays to some of the publications listed here.

7 Sites Want Your Photos and Photo Essays! - Beyond Your Blog

The Sun

This top-tier magazine publishes between 10 and 30 photos of the world around us as part of each monthly issue. Be prepared to wait 3 months (sometimes more) for a response and note that competition is stiff with over 1,000 photos being submitted each month! Payment: $100-$200 per accepted photo ($500 for cover photos)


High Country News

This news magazine covers the American West. Pitches for photo stories should “…show surprising aspects of the West or offer intimate looks at communities or people doing something unique.” Payment: $35 – $100 for individual photos (more for cover images); $300-$500 for magazine photo stories; $50 for web singles and up to $400 for web galleries


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This magazine and website “…connects moms through authentic, sexy, world-class writing about motherhood.” Mamalode accepts photography submissions for both the website and print editions.  Payment: photos selected for print covers are paid


Briarpatch Magazine

This Canadian magazine “… publishes writing and artwork on a wide range of topics, including current events, grassroots activism, electoral politics, economic justice, ecology, labour, food security, gender equity, indigenous struggles, international solidarity, and other issues of political importance.” Payment: $100 for photo essays; ‘modest compensation’ for single photos



This publication “…is an artistic online publication of interviews, tales, photo essays and artisanal seafood surrounding a coastal lifestyle” and offers opportunity to contributors around the globe. Submit your photo essays from the coast/sea for consideration. Payment: Unpaid



Publisheld by Vox Media, Eater “is the source for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation’s most important food cities.”  Photo essays should be pitched according to guidelines, and should tell “stories about the world of food, drink, restaurants, food production, etc., particularly when those photos use the world of culinary culture as a springboard to examine broader questions of art, identity, society, history, aesthetics, etc.” Payment: PAID – Amount Unknown



An online community for fierce, funny, and feminist pop-culture junkies, BUST accepts photo submissions. While they are unable to pay, they are happy to reprint accepted photos provided you hold the appropriate rights. Payment: Unpaid


We know there are many more out there. Where do you publish your photos and photo essays?

7 Sites Want Your Photos and Photo Essays! - Beyond Your Blog

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