20 UK-Based Publications That Accept Writing Submissions

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The following is a list of UK-based sites and publications that accept pitches, guest posts and submissions from bloggers and freelance writers.


BritMums: UK parent blogging network and online community. BritMums members like to read about success stories of other parent bloggers – working successfully from home, writing a book and having it published, having their blog mentioned in the media, and so on. Also of interest: useful blogging tips, social media tutorials, and tech talk without the jargon. [UNPAID]

Example: How to Write on the Web Without a Blog


The Mother Magazine: Parenting magazine with a focus on natural, gentle, holistic approaches to mothering. [UNPAID – free 1 year subscription given for accepted articles]


20 UK-Based Publications That Accept Writing Submissions - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Ruth Dawkins

Guardian Family: Family is a dedicated section within Guardian Life and Style. Accepted articles will appear in print in the Family section of Saturday Guardian in the UK, and online across their Australian and US sites. [PAID]

Example: Pregnant and hungry? how to eat for two without the stress.

SUBMIT (Family Editor: Harriet.Green@theguardian.com or family@theguardian.com)

Maternity Matters: Stories of pregnancy, birth, maternity issues. Aims to be a supportive environment for all women. [UNPAID]

Example: When Birth Trauma Creeps Up on You


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Politics, Feminism and Current Affairs

The F Word:  Popular feminist site featuring articles, reviews and news. [UNPAID]

Example: Understanding motherhood in a time of austerity


Open Democracy: Site offering news and opinion articles from academics and journalists covering current issues in world affairs. [UNPAID – “our digital commons model means we can’t offer compensation to most contributors. We don’t take ownership of their writing either, rather we publish everything under Creative Commons licensing, making it available for free to all other not-for-profit operations (again quite unlike AOL/HuffPo). If a commercial outfit wants to republish the material we split the fee with the author.  “]

Example: Is Harry Potter the atheist’s bible?


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Bright Green: News and comment for the green and progressive movement. [UNPAID]

Example: Faith changes everything – the missing element in climate activism


Lifestyle and Health

Mslexia:  A quarterly magazine geared for women who write, also runs regular guest posts on their blog. Commissions work from prominent authors as well as newcomers. Debate, analysis, advice, inspiration, news, reviews, and anything else to do with being a writer and writing. [PAID]

Example: Unravelling my ancient rejection letter hoard


Ivory Mag:  Online magazine that brings together modern issues on mental health, spirituality and psychology.[UNPAID]

Example: Yoga and mindfulness for children


Writing Improvement Software

The Debrief: Website run by Bauer media, aimed at 20 something women, beauty, fashion, sex, lifestyle. [PAYMENT UNKNOWN]

Example: Is Your Bad Mood Actually Good for You?

SUBMIT Email: theteam@thedebrief.co.uk

The Pool: A platform for women who are too busy to browse. People, politics, film, fashion, food. [PAYMENT UNKNOWN]

Example: Becoming a mother without your own mother to rely on

SUBMIT: Email: hello@thepoolltd.com

Post40 Bloggers: Requires registration (free). A community website showcasing the talents of bloggers and writers aged 40 and upward. The place where we create, curate, collate and commission (paid in bragging rights) the very best this blogging community has to offer. [UNPAID]

Example: Do you remember your exit from youth?


Fab After Fifty: Website aiming to redefine what it means to be a woman aged fifty and over. Health, fitness, style, career, beauty, relationships. [UNPAID]

Example: Top tips for joining book clubs

SUBMIT: Email pitches to: editor@fabafterfifty.com

Gransnet: Website and online community for Grandmothers. Particularly interested in writers who can contribute short posts (300-500 words) to their local sites in areas across the UK, but will accept guest posts on any relevant topic. [UNPAID]

Example: Grandparents in Literature


Travel and Culture

The Island Review: A site for anyone who lives on an island; anyone whose work is about islands, set on an island or inspired by islands; anyone who doesn’t fit quite comfortably into one of these categories but who believes, nevertheless, that their work may be just right for us. [PAYMENT UNKNOWN]

Example: One of a Kind Island Mentality


Wanderlust: Travel magazine publishing ten times each year: travel advice, articles, blogs, interviews, trip and country information. [PAID]

Example: The Joys of Slow Travel with Kids


Elsewhere Journal: Elsewhere is published twice a year, and is a journal dedicated to writing and visual art that explores the idea of place in all its forms, whether city neighborhoods or island communities, heartlands or borderlands, the world we see before us or landscapes of the imagination. [PAYMENT UNKNOWN]

Example: Postcard from… A Changing Dublin

SUBMIT: Editor: Paul Scraton, paul@elsewhere-journal.com

The Culture Trip: UK based site aiming to showcase the best culture and travel information for every country in the world. The Culture Trip covers all culture, from art, literature, film and music to travel, food, architecture, photography, dance, theatre and design, our mission is to develop a collaborative platform where cultural knowledge is created, read and shared. We welcome submissions and enquiries from all writers, from absolute beginners to professionals keen to explore a new platform! [UNPAID]

Example: 10 Writers from Kenya you should know


Caught by the River – It was conceived as an online meeting place for pursuits of a distinctly non-digital variety: walking, fishing, looking, thinking. Birdsong and beer. Adventure and poetry. Life’s small pleasures, in all their many flavours. It was – and still is – about stepping out of daily routines to re-engage with nature. Finding new rhythms. Being. Nature and landscape writing. [PAYMENT UNKNOWN]

Example: A life on Orkney: sea swimming

SUBMIT: Pitch to: info@caughtbytheriver.net

Space in Your Case: Travel site aimed at parents, with everything from child-friendly locations abroad to suggestions for sneaky child-free weekends in the UK. Welcomes guest posts in several formats, including ‘A Postcard from’, ‘What’s In Your Case’ or ‘Where I Live’. [PAYMENT UNKNOWN]

Example: Family Cruises: What you need to know


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