16 MORE Sites That Accept Previously Published Writing

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16 MORE Sites That Accept Previously Published Writing

Several months ago we published a post called 16 Sites That Accept Previously Published Writing.  This was popular in large part because we all love to get mileage out of our posts.

Personally, I tend to publish things on my own blog and one other site at most (with a few exceptions).  This is just a personal practice coming from the standpoint of not wanting to undermine my first host site with my work popping up in a bunch of other places. If you are considering re-publishing in multiple places, be sure to ask your host site(s) what their preference is as far as how long they’d like you to wait before republishing elsewhere. Even if there is no contract in place, it is good practice to try to adhere to their wishes if you want to work with them again in the future.  Be sure to fully disclose when submitting where else the piece has been published and as long as you retain the rights, you should be good to go.

Keep in mind is that sites that typically pay for content, often only pay for original content, and not your republished work.

**Note: Always be sure to let the host site know all the places a piece has been published when you submit (your own blog as well as any other sites), as sites that accept previously published work have various guidelines.  For instance, one site may not care where it has been published and another may only want to take it if it has only been on your personal blog vs. having been published on another magazine-style site or possibly specific competitors.  Whenever submitting previously published work, be sure you maintain the rights to published and have not signed away those rights to one of your previous host sites per their contract**

16 MORE Sites That Accept Previously Published Writing

Here are 16 more sites that are open to considering work that has been previously published:

Midlife Boulevard – I have not personally published here yet, but they have a great contributor community and I know many other bloggers who contribute regularly.

“Bringing together the best of midlife women writers in one place, Midlife Boulevard is the best online resource for women who have reached their 40’s, 50’s and beyond. With hundreds of contributors and new ones discovered all the time, we publish 15-20 new posts each week, ranging in topics from menopause to fashion to marriage to empty nesting – and much more!”

 The Mighty – I love that they accept previously published material, since many bloggers who write about their own or a family member’s disability/disease/disorder have already written about it on their own site and may want to get in front of a great fit audience through The Mighty.

“We find strength, joy and beauty in disability and disease.”

**UPDATE – Since this article was published, Mom Babble has transitioned back to being primarily a personal blog Check the submissions link below for the latest on whether or not they are accepting any outside submissions**

Mom Babble – I’ve been published on Mom Babble with a previously published piece and it was a great way to get more eyes on a piece that had run its course on my personal blog.  They are great at keeping contributors in the loop about upcoming themes and calls for various topics on their site.

“Just a community of real moms doing our best to make sense of the nonsense…. heart-felt personal essays, recipes that are good for the whole family, and humorous commentaries on parent life.”

RoleReboot – This site has lots of original material, but is open to republished material as well as Nicole discusses in out interview linked below.

“We are most interested in essay-style, first-person narrative storytelling and cultural critique about current events from folks who are rethinking “tradition,” breaking through stereotypes, and bucking expectations about their roles.”

Say It With A Bang – Launched in 2014, SIWAB offers a happy second home for your outrageous, opinionated or humorous posts.

“Say It With a Bang is a site dedicated to parents and people alike who are willing to unload their baggage in a virtual world. Funny, serious, down right nuts, our goal is to encompass a realm of emotions, opinions, and topics.”

The SITS Girls – Most of us are familiar with this great blogging resource, but did you know they will reprint your posts?  I have had two of my blog tips picked up by SITS where they post a teaser and link to my site for the full post.  I got great traffic and subscriptions as a result!

“…fun, beautiful,… visually appealing” posts such as crafting, recipes, and inspirational posts as well as blog tips.

Sweatpants & Coffee – Hosting original as well as some republished content, this site offers lots of categories for your posts including everything from fiction to guilty pleasure television viewing.

“Sweatpants & Coffee is an online magazine…featuring inspirational, uplifting, entertaining content with a focus on comfort, personal growth, and mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

 Ten to Twenty Parenting – While originals are preferred, this site will consider your posts that are a great fit with their teen/tween parenting focus.

Ten to Twenty Parenting is a place you can come to determine whether your teen/tween’s crazy behavior is normal, or if you should go ahead and place the order for that straightjacket you’ve been considering.”

 Women’s Voices for Change – Another site that prefers original work, Women’s Voices for Change will consider previously published posts (including poetry).  If you have something that is a great fit, why not give them a try?

“Focused on women over 40, Women’s Voices for Change explores the realities of contemporary women who are vital, visible, and active, who seek an accurate reflection of themselves. Information provided on our website and in our programs addresses relevant issues about medical, emotional and sexual health, relationships, economics, fashion, fitness, and the arts.  Our aim is to create a powerful community of women in their prime.“

 The Mid – This new site offers some great content for those of us in that middle time of life.  From “10 Movies This Child of the ’80s Wants Her Kids to Watch” to “Losing My Oldest Friend, and Healing with Music“, this site has a little bit of everything.

The Mid is about life in “the messy middle.” We’re working hard, raising families, laughing at the past, focused on the future. Are you in The Mid?

Lose The Cape – In addition to submitting your posts, this site also offers a podcast that you may want to apply for if you are a busy mom who wants to tell her story.

“Life is tough for ALL moms – working, at home, working from home. So why make it even more difficult by trying to be the SUPERMOM? Lose the Cape! Be great!”

Mamalode – A parenting magazine that focuses on a different theme each month.  Mamalode publishes lots of original content, but they will also consider previously published work (though not eligible for payment).

filled with stories, poems, playlists, slideshows, reviews and great people.

Lipstick & Politics – As long as you revise your post to fit their guidelines, they will consider it.

“We encourage women to speak out against atrocities and discrimination, comment on politics, but also embrace their feminine, spiritual nature – denying no part that makes a woman whole….Bloggers and Guest Bloggers should write with an awareness of the mission and vision of the blog: to share experiences of diversity, empowerment and personal growth through women’s individual and collective voices.”

Humor Outcasts – Humor writers who are accepted can post as often as they like.

“HumorOutcasts.com is THE place to take a humor break. Founded by Donna Cavanagh, it is the result of a brainstorming session between several humor writers who longed for a site where humor is the focus — not an afterthought.”

  • Register using form on home page of Humor Outcasts, and be sure to include a bio and when complete email editor, Betsy@humoroutcasts.com a short email to confirm that you registered
  • Once registered, follow steps at this link to submit sample writing for consideration as a writer or author for the site.  New writers/authors are considered during 3 yearly openings.

 Blunt Moms – I didn’t know they accepted previously published content until my interview with Editor-in-Chief Magnolia Ripkin.  Since then I had a piece accepted and published.  It was as easy as posting it to their Syndication group on Facebook and I heard back in about a week.

Honest. Direct. Surprisingly Hilarious

Afro-Chic Mompreneur – Consider submitting a great fit piece on working motherhood and related topics here to get in front of an audience that will embrace your piece.

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