12 Writers Share Their Summer Writing Spaces

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12 Writers Share Their Summer Writing Spaces on Beyond Your Blog

12 Writers Share Their Summer Writing Spaces - Beyond Your Blog

I recently spent several hours cleaning a thick layer of pollen off of our screen porch. We moved in just before Christmas, so I had not officially tried out the space until after the de-pollenation occurred, and when I finally did I found it was prime writing real estate! While I am still a fixture on the couch most nights, the screened porch offers a serene writing space when I have time to use it during the day.

Susan's screened porch writing space (after spring cleaning!)

Susan’s screened porch writing space (after spring cleaning!)

I recently reached out to BYB readers to see where they were spending their summer writing hours, and here were some of the spaces that were shared.

Lisa of Knocked Up Abroad overlooks a golf course and a horse pasture containing four Icelandic horses. Now who else can say that? Oh, and I’m giving her the ultimate clean desk award too.


Lisa of Tweenior Moments loves writing her humor blog as well as online content, magazine articles, and copywriting assignments on her back porch, which overlooks the pool. Lisa adds “It’s incredibly peaceful out there—especially with the birds chirping in the trees and the soft pitter-patter of the pool’s small fountain. Plus, with Florida’s balmy climate, I can write on the back porch nine months out of the year.”

IMG_2613 (2)

Jenny who blogs at The Happy Hausfrau likes to write on her porch, and has written many drafts of her ever-changing book here. She says “It’s quiet (unless my neighbor, Anal Retentive Lawn Guy, is out).”


Leah can be found at Little Miss Wordy, and provided both a dream and reality photo of her writing space.

“I’ve always imagined the perfect writing space would make my words flow, ideas pouring from me so quickly I would struggle to keep up with them. I would have no need for a thesaurus when I can’t think of a better word nor endless notes of research because the sheer perfection of my writing will one day serve as someone else’s research. For now, the reality that is my writing space will have to do with all of its notes and never-ending research until my inspiring ocean view is more than just a screen saver.”


Deby creates content for Cooking In The Jungle while sitting in her outside Rancho (as it’s called where she lives in Costa Rica). She writes about the food she cooks and their lives in the jungle.


Author Phyllis works on novels and her blog under the pleasant breeze of the fan on her porch. There are peacocks screeching in the distance that occasionally wander over to say ‘hello’.

WP_20160531_15_47_46_Pro (1)

 Tiffany can be found at unRehearsed and uses a ‘cloffice’ to churn out blog posts.
“This was a closet in one of our upstairs bedrooms. I wanted a space that I could decorate with things that I love. It’s my space and my family must have permission before entering. I enjoy having a laptop as well as a desktop. It smells so good in there….”
20160531_193717 (1)

Jess writes at No Pants Freelance and stares at this awesome scenery when she writes outside.
“We just moved last month and our new place has this amazing deck with an even more amazing view. I try to post up here for writing in the mornings before it gets too hot, and then in the evenings with a glass of wine, right before the sun goes down (the sunsets are amazing too!). Sometimes I even let my cat Sadie join me out here.”

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On cooler days, Megan of Multiples Illuminated gets to work at this favorite writing spot in her backyard in Northern California. She settles in on her chaise lounge under the umbrellas.

“A lot of times my kids are out here playing in the pool while I write and I am able to get some work done and watch them at the same time, while enjoying the great outdoors.”


Ellen of Confessions of An Overworked Mom (and several other blogs) mostly writes at her computer which is in a corner of the living room and completely un-photoworthy. However, she brainstorms and take notes in the woods where she feels most creative.

“This is a spot from my morning walk. I share them each morning while I *work* on Instagram.
Photo Jun 01, 7 25 01 AM

And finally, Alice, of Dining With Alice , crates recipes in her kitchen but most of her food photography is in here living room (pictured here). She sets up tables right next to windows to grab the sunlight.
“This is also where I write my posts and essays. I love sitting next to the big windows, sipping my coffee, stretching out my legs and absorbing the quiet before anyone wakes up in the morning.”
(and the laundry basket in this one makes BYB love her just a little more ;o)
Alice Seuffert Writing Space
Do you have a photo to share of your favorite writing space? send it to us along with your blog name/link and we may feature it in a future post. 
12 Writers Share Their Summer Writing Spaces on Beyond Your Blog

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